The Yang house of thirteen feng shui patterns is absolutely unstoppable.

Qi Guangquan, a teacher of China Yifan Fengshun Institute, has long been committed to the research and practice of Yijing Fengshui's numerology and successful transportation. Today, the author summarizes the unsuitable Yangshuo Feng Shui pattern as follows, for the purpose of building a house and selecting a house to buy a house. References:

1, it is not appropriate to choose to sit in the south of the home;

Because our country is located north of the equator and belongs to the northern hemisphere. According to the orbit of the earth orbiting the sun, the living houses of our country should be the best in the south. According to archaeological findings, from the Banpo site in the Neolithic period to the imperial palaces of the dynasties, almost all the houses were facing south.

However, as far as ordinary dwellings are concerned, Fengshui does not advocate the orientation of Zhengnan or Zhengbei. The reason is because Zhengnan is the emperor's direction. For example, the ancient palaces are basically standard sitting north facing south. In order to highlight the power of the world. But for the ordinary people, the standard Zhengbei Zhengnan is sitting in a direction of violent downs and ups and downs, that is, the so-called "one prince and one thief", ordinary people can not afford it. I lived in a house where Zhengbei was in the south, and the general masters were in good times and bad times. Life was ups and downs, it was difficult to settle down, and it was hard to run.

Oriented southwest or southeastern residences also meet certain scientific principles. For example, in the hot summer, direct sunlight can be avoided. In cold winter days, full sunlight, heating and sterilization can be achieved to enhance the body's resistance, reduce bacterial growth and synthesis. The effect of vitamin D in the human body is particularly suitable for families with elderly people and children.

2, the house should not choose a triangular homestead;

The foundation is a problem that needs special attention in residential feng shui. When choosing a house, we must first investigate the foundation. Some people think that the building is always rectangular (square), but that is the ancient situation. In modern times, the triangular foundation is still quite a lot. The triangle is originally the most stable shape, but if it is a foundation, it is a lot of harm. China has a concept of a heavenly place since ancient times, and the foundation of the house must be square. If it is a triangular foundation, it may cause a mental blow or disturbance to the occupants, so that the occupants are distracted and confused, and it is difficult to achieve the desired results.

However, if the living land is really triangular, it is not necessary to choose another place of residence. It can be appropriately modified according to the existing conditions. For example, under the condition that the land is spacious, the acute angle of the triangle can be made into a wall or a tree wall. A wall or a row of trees cut off this acute corner, as a flower bed or vegetable garden, use the rectangular part of the land in daily life. If there is no space left, you can also separate the sharp corners and never use them permanently. Green plants such as trees, shrubs, flowers and plants can be planted in sharp corners, but don't use them as warehouses or garages.

3, the house should not choose the foundation before the high and low;

From the perspective of Fengshui, the top and low terrain is very unfavorable for living. There is usually no mountain behind this kind of terrain, and in urban buildings, it is often the most backward building in the same area. This has left no support behind, the entire house looks insecure, how can the house transport be stabilized? The foundations before and after the low level will also make the house in the "backing". The house on this foundation will give people a feeling of leaning back, the foundation is not right, and inhabiting it will inflict mental pressure. Moreover, the front ground is higher, and the Suzaku is higher than the basaltic, which will form an oppressive force on the house, and it is not the proper position of the Yoshizhai. Even from the architectural point of view, the foundations of the former high and low are not suitable for building houses, the foundation is not flat, the houses cannot be framed, and the foundation needs to be leveled, which is both laborious and increases the construction cost. If you build your own house, try to avoid this kind of terrain. If you buy a house, it is best not to buy such a house.

4, the house should not be built in the improper place of the wind;

"Turtle" is also called "port". It refers to the mouth of the air. It originally refers to the opening or low-lying area of ​​the mountains in front of the house. The wind around the house comes from it, and it is also a window. The wind in the room is from the window. Come.

According to the characteristics of the northern hemisphere and monsoon climate in China, it is best to sit in the northwest and southeast of the house. The large-area windows and balcony doors of apartment-style buildings and high-rise buildings should be opened to the southeast, so that the southeast wind of the hustle and bustle can come in. .

Improper air vents, the first refers to the improper orientation of the tuyere, that is to say, the "wind vent" is facing north or west. The north wind, the west wind and the northwest wind are chilly winds. It is easy for people to suffer from cold and cold, which has harmful effects on health. The second is that the wind speed is not appropriate. One is that the fierce wind is like a knife cut, forming a strong suffocating suffocation like a knife and arrow. In Feng Shui, it is easy to cause people to suffer from blood and light, and at the same time it will destroy the balance of the gas field around the house. It is difficult for people to adapt, or to blow away a very strong gas field; the other is "dead gas", that is, there is no wind at all, the air is not flowing, and the silk does not move. The large amount of exhaust gas emitted by people in the family stays indoors, causing air. Pollution. Therefore, the tuyere is best to be "storage and gathering gas". The direction of the wind should avoid the chilly northwest wind in the southeast direction, and the wind speed should be moderate. It can neither be a gusty wind nor a wind or wind. Not convective.

5, the house is not suitable for river interchange;

"Yangzhai Ten Books" æ›°: "Where the house...not at the Baichuankou." "Baichuankou" refers to the intersection of rivers. To be exact, it used to be the intersection of rivers, but it is now dry. In this kind of land, it is especially unsuitable for building houses. The reasons are as follows: First, although the ancient rivers are dry, the former waters have brought great gas fields, and they will rush to the residents of the house. This is not appropriate for the gates. The road is similar. Second, modern science also shows that the intersection of ancient rivers, because the water flow is evaporated and dried here, the radioactive elements in the river water have been deposited for many years, and the decay of both uranium and thorium is radium, which is harmful to humans. Great natural elements, living in such places, pose a threat to human health.

6, the house should not be looking for a house in the west;

Generally speaking, the west facing window encounters the sun exposure every day, and the family transportation must be bad! But on the contrary, the sunshine in the morning in the east is called “Sanyang Kaitai”, and “Diantiantai” is opened. Dali progresses and starts a business. Those born in autumn and winter live in such houses, and there must be no solitary solitude!

7, the house should not be facing the temple or the Taoist hat;

I believe that it is not appropriate to be positive about the concept of temples. Everyone knows. But what is the Taoist hat? Some buildings are extremely Chinese in appearance, and the green is the corner of the pavilion. The roof is like a Taoist hat. It will make the people in a house too addicted to religious beliefs, not good at financial management, and not in line with the developed way.

8, should not live in the lonely peak of the proud house;

One house, one door, one window, seeing a lonely mountain, or seeing a lone tree, or the tallest building in the city, called the Lonely Peak and proud house, such a mansion must not live. On the Feng Shui line, the house that sits on the Ding is most likely to have a Yin Ling into the house. This house is also not a developed house.

9, the cemetery funeral home hospital is not suitable for residence;

To the cemetery, the funeral home, and the hospital in front of the door or in front of the window are all guilty of sin, unless the owner of the house is doing this industry, it is a good idea! This is a danger to your health.

10, the toilet in the center of the home is not suitable for living;

The toilet is in the mountain or the middle palace of the house. It is a kind of solitary, which greatly hinders the owner and is also prone to illness. If you can't remove it, you can dispose of four pots of flowers and trees.

11, the bathroom is not suitable for living in the kitchen of the mansion;

The five elements of the bathroom are water, the kitchen five elements are fire, the bathroom is facing the kitchen, the eyes and heart of the housewife are easy to make mistakes, and it is easy to cause the couple to turn against each other and the feelings are not good.

12, the Yang house opposite the public security law is not suitable for residence;

The public prosecution law agency is the place to the sun, and it must have an atmospheric field. If it is inhabited, it must be a small gas field. Therefore, the public inspection law is not a livable place. It is easy to cause a bloody disaster in the lawsuit. Unless it is a public security officer.

13, not suitable for living before and after the haze;

In the face of some bathrooms, saunas, foot-filled city, red light district, night clubs, apartment hotels and other places, or the Yang house behind the temple, it is also a sinister place. For it or for it, the main peach blossoms and the lonely and widowed shackles will inevitably affect the feelings of marriage.


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