The top ten "fashion" venting methods in the workplace

Urban men and women have a lot of stinking problems. They will suffer from "workplace syndrome" because they are too tired or too boring. However, they have a lot of decompression methods. Which of the following are the methods you often use to vent?

1, venting methods - cartoons, toys

Fashion critics say that the most lovely place for a person is his childlike heart, so one of the current fashions is to be young.

Watching adult cartoons and visiting adult toy museums have also become fashionable. In Beijing and Shanghai, there are also adult toy museums that sell and can test all kinds of toys on the spot. Many people are here to use their hands and brains to enjoy the time.

2, the method of venting - racing

The vast majority of cars and favorite cars are men. If you don’t believe, look at the ratio of men and women in the auto show (except for beautiful models). Of course, there are also some brave fashion girls who have a strong interest in racing, so they always It is desperate to speed up and run. The racing club can make the car owners feel the real excitement of driving, challenge the speed and the limit at any time, and at the same time have a safety guarantee and enjoy the fashion of the 21st century.

3, the method of venting - reverse time

One of Wu Zetian’s domineering gases is to make the flowers open for her. Today, "counter-time" is not difficult for humans. It is easy to eat watermelon in winter, and it is fashionable to show up in the real ice field in summer. This new indoor ice rink can be opened all year round, unaffected by the warming of the Earth's climate, and people in the South can enjoy the summer on the real ice rink.

4, the method of venting - foreign travel

The bulging pockets and the longer and longer holidays have given many Chinese people the opportunity to go abroad to play. The newspapers have launched various foreign travel hotlines. Of course, the first cool thing is the young white-collar workers who are willing to take out a lot of money. After returning home, sharing a large number of photos with friends is really fun.

5, the method of venting - hot dance

The prevalence of hot dance may be related to the popularity of European and American culture in China, but it is also related to young people's desire for innovative personality and hot life. The styles of the ballrooms that make people mad are mostly from the fashionable Western culture. Pushing the door in, large chunks of bright colors will come into view, the loud music sounds loud and loud, and a kind of beating vitality will come out. Here you can do as "just do it" in the advertisement, mobilize the cell dance of the whole body and let yourself be high.

6, the method of venting - network

Many urban men and women are fascinated by the "net", and they can see the world without leaving home. Although online viruses are more worrying, online shopping does not dare to look forward to it, but online chat always makes people feel that the online world is very exciting, one can go to meet a lot of netizens, but also an obsessive online dating. Of course, countless proofs of the previous car are best not to meet the "she/he" on the Internet, maybe, "she/he" is a man/woman.

7, venting methods - cafes, restaurants

Fashion men and women will never give up the pursuit of high taste, even if they do not understand, they must use the taste created by others to raise their own worth. The cafés and teahouses that are springing up in the streets and alleys just meet the vanity of such people. Or three or five friends, or one person to drink alone, leisurely talking about the world, exceptionally comfortable. Cafes and tea houses, or high-end or unique decoration, not only enjoy the culture of high-quality coffee and tea, but also satisfy the visual, auditory and olfactory feelings of people, and let people spend in modern and some classical romantic atmosphere. A long time.

8, the method of venting - extreme sports

For the adventurous GGMM, conquering fear is one of the biggest gains. Rock climbing, bungee jumping, mountaineering adventures... One extreme sport is another stage where they express themselves and show themselves. Whenever you reach the apex, the pleasure of surpassing yourself is an unforgettable pleasure. The certificate of the brave man obtained after the game is also a proof of yourself. Extreme sports, like Wang Shuo’s novel "Playing is Heartbeat", occupy a vast market in fashion entertainment.

9, the method of venting - bubble

One of the fashions of modern men and women is clubbing, and those features that are both novel and interesting, but also make people hand-made are particularly exciting. At the beginning, there are pottery bars and cloth bars. Now there are printing and dyeing bars, and the glass that you blow in person... Move the whole small brewery into the bar, let the customers personally participate and enjoy the beer brewing process of each cup of fresh beer. Everyone who walks in here brings in a new world.

10, venting methods - fencing, boxing

Combative, as if the man's nature reveals: aggressive, as if it is a woman's wild manifestation. Not only do you want to prevail, but you can't go beyond social order. The fencing bar and boxing gymnasium that have just settled in the city really provide a great space for urban barbarians and men to show their strengths. Through training, I have the body and skills like an action star, and I have a childhood dream, and I can vent my dissatisfaction like a warrior. Maybe this is the place where boxing halls and fencing attract attractive men and women.

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