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For the ALICE who has travel plans throughout the year, it seems to be an unfinished task to find a sleeping bag that satisfies all kinds of climatic conditions because of the differences in the climate of the four seasons of spring, summer, autumn and winter. This phenomenon, due to the birth of the Long Bird Gemini Sleeping Bag, has a better solution. The "Double Star" series of dragon birds consists of "Gemini I-type velvet sleeping bag" and "Gemini II-type ultralight down sleeping bag", which can be used independently for the spring, summer and autumn seasons and the southern winter without increasing the extra weight. What's more, they can be quickly and easily spliced ​​into a combination sleeping bag that withstands freezing temperatures of minus 25 degrees Celsius. There is no difference in use with a single sleeping bag.

The use value of a sleeping bag in exchange for the use value of three sleeping bags

We believe that it is our research and development significance that we can use the input of a sleeping bag in exchange for the use value of three sleeping bags. Therefore, the Dragon Bird splits a winter sleeping bag at minus 25 degrees below the temperature scale into a sleeping bag that can be used alone in the target environment, and the two sleeping bags can be reassembled into one. Against winter cold sleeping bags. In this way, the Long Bird Gemini series of sleeping bags is equivalent to three sleeping bags, the use of temperature range in the 12 degrees above zero to minus 25 degrees, up and down the gap of nearly 40 degrees. According to the combination of usage requirements in the target environment, the three use combinations can be used separately for summer, spring and autumn, and winter, and basically cover all use environments except for high altitude mountaineering in China.

The two sleeping bags that make up the "Gemini" series are themselves products full of personality and charm.

The "Gemini" series consists of "Gemini I-type velvet sleeping bag" and "Gemini II-type ultralight down sleeping bag". The two sleeping bags are products full of personality and charm, and can be purchased separately.

"Gemini type II ultralight down sleeping bag" is one of the lightest sleeping bags on the market. The weight of 720 grams and the storage volume of 13 x 21CM are amazing in his smallness and lightness. A temperature scale of 1 to 2 degrees is sufficient for long-distance travel, camping and hiking in summer. Side long double-open zipper, which is a closed zipper when used alone, is also a combination zipper when splicing. As an ultralight nap bag, the Gemini II Ultralight Down Sleeping Bag allows you to fully experience the relaxed and comfortable outdoor sports experience that lightweight equipment brings to you.

"Gemini I cotton velvet sleeping bag" adopts the design of cotton under the pile: the top sheet is filled with light and warm down excellent down, give full play to the excellent performance of down in the warm field; the bottom sheet is filled with resilience good four-hole cotton, To prevent the lower part of the sleeping bag from lowering the thickness of the warmer layer due to the compression of the body during sleep, resulting in a decrease in warmth retention performance. Dragon Bird "Gemini I-type velvet sleeping bag" as the mainstream configuration of the sleeping bag, in the design fully consider the needs of a variety of use environments, especially in the vicinity of the sleeping bag to increase the six suspension points, can be easily fixed with the rock account, to meet the rock Sleep on the wall. At the same time also added a lot of intimate design full of humanity, such as the side of the watch bag, you can put your watch and other items at your fingertips while sleeping; headrest dustproof and windproof mask, you can stuff the clothing inside As a pillow, it can block face sunlight or sand when you need to camp directly.

Excellent quality is the basic pride of the "Double Star" sleeping bag

The SinTeryx Sleeping Bag is based on the concept of sleeping more thoroughly and sleeping more freely. It is dedicated to creating a deep sleep environment for each user. Therefore, the comfort and warmth of sleeping bags and the durability on this basis are our goals. Based on the concept of "excellent creation of fine products", "Double Star" sleeping bags adhere to excellence in the choice of raw materials, ultra-light breathable and comfortable SOFT-B fabrics, 90% of high quality down, YKK zippers and Duraflex fasteners, famous supply The high quality materials provided by the company provide basic conditions for the high quality of the "Double Star" sleeping bag.

The "Double Star" sleeping bag in the craft is also worth noting. The unique wavy structure can effectively prevent the down motion of the down in the channel and evenly distribute the down. An effective zipper clip design prevents the inconvenience caused by zipper locking at any time.

On this basis, more year-long warranty service provided by the Dragon Bird, multiple protection can allow you to freely choose the Dragon Bird "Double Star" sleeping bag, enjoy it bring you happiness and comfort.

The combined use effect is no different from a single sleeping bag

The combined use effect is the focus of our attention. During the R&D process, Dragon Bird has carefully designed the convenience of the splicing process and the comfort of the combined use. Even if you use it for the first time, you can also complete the stitching in one minute. With four connection points and splicing zippers, two sleeping bags can be stably spliced ​​into a single sleeping bag, and then can be packed into a compressible design of "Twin Cotton I". The sleeping bag's compression bag can be completely carried and used like a single sleeping bag.

After many times of actual measurement, the combined "Double Star" sleeping bag is no different from the single sleeping bag of the same type in the market in terms of weight, carrying method, convenience in use, and comfort.

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