The night-time eye care manual can also be as clear as water.

Dark circles

Dark circles are the natural enemies of night owls. Occasionally staying up all night can not get rid of the dark circles, so that the eyes are exhausted. There are two types of dark circles: black-black vascular black circles and brown pigmented dark circles. The dark circles that appear after staying up late are usually the former, because the skin around the eyes can't rest well, causing blood to concentrate on the eyeballs and poor blood circulation. The production of dark circles is also inevitable!

First aid method: apply

1. Ice application: Apply ice pad or frozen towel to the eyes, which can make the blood vessels around the eyes shrink, help the skin around the eyes to reduce swelling, and also inhibit congestion. Of course, it can also refresh your mind.

2, the tea bag: the dried tea bag is filtered, placed in the refrigerator for a while, remove the eye. Remember to filter out, otherwise the color of the tea will make the dark circles more obvious.

3, potato chips: potatoes have the effect of whitening, cut the potatoes into thin slices, applied to the dark circles, can whiten the skin at the dark circles, improve the condition of dark circles.

Stealth method: cover up, white and white

Concealer is used at the dark circles: Avoid the concealer and apply the foundation. Blend the foundation with the concealer. Use the pearl powder that is lighter than the skin color, brush it at the eye area and fine lines, and the traces of day and night disappear immediately.

Crow's feet

The absolute sign of aging, although there are many reasons for the formation, but the crow's feet of the night owl are indispensable for day and night. The most important thing to reduce wrinkles is to keep the skin in good blood circulation. Use eye cream with anti-wrinkle function and water replenishment, and massage at the same time to stimulate blood circulation and enhance muscle elasticity to improve the depth of the texture.

First Aid Method: Eye Movement

1. Massage method: support the temple with one hand, and gently massage the other hand from the outer corner of the eye, while moving to the inner corner of the eye while massage. 2 times a day, 5 times each time is appropriate. The intensity should be appropriate, not too heavy.

2, finger pressure method: use the three long fingers of both hands to press the eyebrows 3 times below, then press the eye below 3 times. After 5 minutes, the eyes are extraordinarily bright and can be done several times a day.

3, eye movement method: the eyeball continuously rotates up and down and left and right.

Stealth method: fine filling, crow's feet are missing

First use a small brush to thicken the concealer, along the direction of the grain, divergently drawn from the corner of the eye, fill it up. Then cover it with a thin powder or loose powder.

Eye bags

Eye bags are the number one public enemy of a woman. Once formed, they will "not leave." Staying up late is the military order number that promotes the bags under the eyes. If the eye bags are unfortunately formed, a remedy can be taken to improve the edema of the eye bags.

First Aid Method: Coating + Massage

1. Applying and applying massage to the lower eye skin with mucus in vitamin E capsules every night before going to bed, can achieve good results in eliminating the lower eye bags and reducing aging.

2, before going to bed, put cucumber slices on the lower part of the eye, and stick to it to receive the cosmetic effect of reducing the lower eye bags. You can also use papaya and mint to soak in hot water to make tea. After cooling, it is often applied to the skin under your eyes.

Stealth method: the dark and shallow eye bags disappear

In the shaded area of ​​the eye bag, a thin line of concealer is drawn with a light concealer, and a concealer deeper than the skin is applied to the raised area. The dark color has a visual tightening effect. This method can well blur the boundaries between bulge and depression. Use the fingertips to push the two colors together.

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