The first session of the 100 community outstanding fitness project display exchange conference was held

The first session of the 100 community outstanding fitness project display exchange conference was held

Exchange meeting

On the morning of October 26th, the 2014 Baijia Community Outstanding Mass Fitness Program Exhibition Exchange Conference was held in Datun Culture Square, Chaoyang District, Beijing.

This event is co-sponsored by Beijing Baijia Community Organizing Committee, Baijia Community Fitness and Health Service Center and Beijing Huichun Exercise Association. It is co-organized by Datun Sub-district Office, Beijing Yangyi Culture and Art Co., Ltd., and the Family Club Flower Club Association. , Organized by Baijiazhi (Beijing) Community Sports Culture Company. The projects that are on display are all excellent fitness items that are very popular among the public at large. They include square dance, Tai Chi, Tae Kwon Do, Softball, Rejuvenating Exercise, Happy Step Aerobics, Yoga, and Flower Stick.

The relationship between people's fitness and the people's physical health and well-being is an important symbol of comprehensive national strength and progress in social civilization. It is an important part of socialist spiritual civilization construction and an important part of building an overall well-to-do society and realizing the "Chinese dream."

In recent years, the health awareness of the majority of community residents has been continuously improved. Many community residents spontaneously organize themselves and carry out various forms of fitness activities in surrounding parks and squares. To this end, the organizers of the conference organized relevant professionals to conduct in-depth research in the community and found that there are many excellent fitness projects that are rich in content, enjoyable, and easy to use and worthy of development and promotion.

In order to further improve the scientific level of daily fitness activities of community residents and guide more community residents to participate in the scientific fitness of outstanding fitness projects, the organizer of the conference excavates and selects outstanding scientific people from the grassroots level. The fitness project, on the other hand, invited some professionals to enter the community to carry out the training, popularization and popularization of excellent mass fitness programs. On this basis, the organizers of the conference took three major steps to achieve the goal of excellent mass fitness programs serving the people.

Measure I: Through grassroots training and promotion organized by the Baijia Community Fitness and Health Service Center and the Baijia Community Fitness and Health Service Station. Since 2014, the organizing committee has jointly established with the relevant sub-district offices 100 community health and fitness service centers that provide fitness and health services specifically for community residents, and has established 100 community health service stations based on the relevant residents' committees. Up to now, seven hundred community fitness and health service centers and 60 community fitness and health service stations have been built. By the end of 2015, a total of 20 community fitness and health service centers and 200 community fitness and health service stations have been built, and more than 150,000 people will be directly served.

Initiative 2: Jointly with special sports organizations in various regions, the annual "100 Community Excellent Public Fitness Project Exhibition Exchange Conference" will be held each year.

Measure three: According to the theme of the National Fitness Day of the National Sports General Administration of the People's Republic of China and the Beijing Sports Bureau on August 8th of each year, the "Beijing Community Mass Fitness Carnival" activity will be held.

Premier Li Ke (microblogging) of the State Council presided over the executive meeting of the State Council on September 2, 2014 to study and deploy the accelerated development of the sports industry, the promotion of sports consumption, and the promotion of mass fitness. The conference believes that the development of the sports industry and the increase in the supply of sports products and services will not only enhance the people's physique, protect and improve people's livelihood, but also have important implications for stimulating consumption, expanding domestic demand and employment, and cultivating new economic growth points. We must adhere to reform and innovation, rely more on market forces, accelerate the development of the sports industry, promote sports consumption, and promote public fitness. We will promote the integration of sports fitness with medical care and culture, and vigorously develop sports services such as sports tourism, sports rehabilitation, and fitness training. Let the people of the sports industry be physically fit and let the masses consume and consume to help economic and social development.

For this reason, the organizers agreed that in order to popularize and popularize mass fitness programs, it is necessary to introduce social forces to participate, and in particular, to strengthen cooperation with companies and institutions that have a spirit of public welfare and dedication, and vigorously promote the fitness of the entire nation, while at the same time Residents provide scientific and healthy living services.

As the organizer of this conference, the organizing committee of Beijing Baijia Community Activities has always attached great importance to the selection and promotion of mass fitness projects and is very willing to contribute to the development of community sports and mass fitness. Ma Shuzhu, director of the old cadre department of the Central Propaganda Department, and Zhu Hong, deputy director of the Beijing Sports Bureau's group office, attended the event. Mr. Xue Yuning, executive director of the Beijing Baijia Community Organizing Committee and chairman of the Beijing Huichun Exercise Association, also performed on the scene. Wonderful keynote speech.

It can be foreseen that by carrying out various forms of mass fitness series activities in the general community and holding an exhibition of 100 outstanding community fitness project display exchanges, we will comprehensively improve the city’s community residents’ health awareness and fitness abilities, especially to improve the city’s The physical health of the elderly will surely play an active role, and it will also greatly enrich the cultural life of the majority of residents. To maintain social stability, building a happy community plays an important role.

The teams participating in the exhibition and exchange of this conference are all from the grass-roots community and have shown a positive and positive spirit in the exhibition. Finally, in the warm atmosphere of everyone's unpreparedness, the 2014 Baijia Community Outstanding Mass Fitness Project Exhibition Exchange Conference successfully concluded.

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