The carton pressure tester tells you how the carton is still resistant to pressure under high temperature and high humidity conditions

The carton pressure tester tells you how the carton is still resistant to pressure under high temperature and high humidity conditions

The carton pressure tester tells you how the carton is still resistant to pressure under high temperature and high humidity conditions. Carton in the transport process, there may be many problems, how to solve this problem, the international instrument for many years of work experience, summarize the information, hope to help you.

In the Pearl River Delta region of China, because most of the commercial ports are loaded with containers and exported by sea, the temperature and humidity in the containers can reach as high as 45°C and 93 % RH during the tens of days of sea transport. The bearing pressure drops by more than 60 % from the normal condition and it is easy to cause the carton to collapse. The main reason for this is the fact that the paste is prone to emulsification under high temperature and high humidity. Because the corrugated paperboard is made of glued paste, usually the paste of the corrugated paperboard paste line is solid, but if the paperboard box is stored for a long time in a high-temperature and high-humidity environment, the paste will emulsify and cause the corrugated board to stick. The disengagement of the combined position resulted in a sharp drop in the compression resistance of the carton.

In order to ensure that the export cartons still have adequate compressive strength under high temperature and high humidity conditions, some paper mills began to increase the high-temperature and high-humidity performance of the cartons under the promotion of customers. The test method for high temperature and humidity of the carton is to put the carton into the high and low temperature alternating damp heat box after sealing and set the temperature and humidity to 45?C?p93 % RH , stacking the weight on the top of the box, and the weight is empty The compressive strength was 1/4 to 1/6 , and the time it took to withstand heavy pressure was observed.

Some cartons are forced to use the method of pulling out the compressive strength of cartons to ensure that the cartons can withstand a certain stacking weight under high temperature and high humidity, resulting in a substantial increase in the cost of paper. In the past two years, the practice of adding cross-linking agents and stabilizers to the paste to improve the carton's resistance to high temperatures and high humidity has been widely recognized. The cross-linking agent is a high-molecular polymer. After the paste is added, the molecules replace the hydroxyl groups in the starch molecule to form a stable cross-linking. Because the reaction process of the crosslinker molecule is relatively slow and the process is irreversible, its adhesion and moisture-proof effect will gradually increase after the cardboard leaves the production line. After the reaction is complete, it will be completely hydrophobic and form a strong and moisture-proof plasma film, thus giving the paperboard Good resistance to high temperature and humidity.

In addition, the starch molecules are surrounded by the cross-linker molecules, which enhances the resistance to heat and shear and thus maintains the stability of the viscosity during the cycle. Because the hydroxyl group in the starch molecule is substituted and changed from hydrophilic to hydrophobic, it is easy to be dehydrated during drying, and the drying speed is increased, thereby increasing the vehicle speed. The cross-linker molecules are easily affiliated with the fiber molecules and can also help increase the bond strength.

In the past three years, paste additives for improving the performance of paperboard have been released and rough estimates have been made. At present, there are no less than 20 varieties in the market, but the quality is uneven. As an example, resin additives that are water- and moisture-resistant have been used as examples. There are nearly 10 brands with different prices. Some inexpensive additives have a solids content of only 30% , and the gelatinization time is as long as several minutes. Some imports The brand, although the price is higher, but the solid content of more than 50% , gelatinization time is less than 1 minute, the fastest even 40 seconds. In addition, the carton factory must consider what kind of additives should be selected according to customer needs, equipment conditions, raw paper specifications and employee quality, and also consider the supplier's professional level and after-sales service, because if you want to add an additive The role of the product is brought into full play. It is not simply "pour in and use it," it contains a considerable amount of expertise.

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