Systematic View in Green Packaging Project (2)

If the raw materials collected are green materials, the production and synthesis of packaging materials is green production, and the processing and manufacturing of packaging products is a green operation process. The auxiliary materials used (printing, finishing) are green non-toxic materials, which are not caused by circulation and sales. Environmental pollution and guarantee the quality of the material to be loaded. The waste treatment after the disposal adopts the green treatment method and does not cause secondary pollution. Such a whole packaging engineering system can be said to be a complete green packaging engineering system, and its products are undoubtedly green packaging products.
Throughout the above life cycle, it can be said that each of its links is independent and tightly integrated with each other. It can be said that all links are interlocking and are all strictly operated to achieve the ultimate complete green. If any one of the links or processes has pollution and damages human health, it can be said that its entire system is not a real green packaging system, and its final product is not a green product.
Any green packaging product is formed through the whole process of green engineering, and each link element in this engineering system is subordinate to one subsystem in the large social system.
For example, the production of materials belongs to the large-scale production system of the society. The processing and production of products is a processing and manufacturing system in a large social system. After it is discarded, it becomes a waste system of the society. Recycling processing also belongs to the social environmental protection system. If the green packaging system is the main Systems and subsystems as well as subordinate social systems make an image description.
In the process of implementing the green packaging project, these three kinds of systems can be organically and closely connected, and the interdependencies, constraints, and promotion between them can be brought into full play as well as the coordination, regulation, design, and investment in large-scale system management. Requirements, this will more effectively promote the implementation of green packaging projects.
3 The characteristics of the green packaging engineering system are based on the complexity embodied in the green packaging engineering system, covering the breadth of the surface and the marginality and cross-cutting that are displayed, and can clearly show that the various systems involved in the green packaging engineering system belong to Controllable open systems, which are both static and dynamic systems. Its characteristics are as follows.
(1) Aggregate: The system consists of at least one or more different elements.
(2) Purpose: The system must have a clear goal, that is, the purpose of the system's optimal operation.
(3) Relevance: System elements are interdependent and mutually restrictive. Therefore, no matter which element changes, it will affect the changes of other elements or even the overall system.
(4) Adaptability: The system is always placed in a certain environment, and the environmental conditions have a great influence on the system, so the system must adapt to the external environmental conditions, otherwise it cannot develop.
(5) Integrality: The system is an organic collective, so the association of all elements must be based on achieving the best overall standard, and must not only seek the best of individual subsystems.
4 Conclusion In order to further improve the green packaging system, we also need to increase the guarantee conditions for implementing the green packaging engineering system.
The first is the national laws and regulations for green packaging, so that the implementation of the green packaging project has laws to follow and regulations to follow;
Secondly, there must be a monitoring organization system to keep track of the progress and quality of green projects at all times to ensure that the green projects are in fact true;
Third, before the implementation of the green packaging project must pass a full set of green engineering design (referring to the life cycle of all links, processes, standards) national experts review;
The fourth is to formulate a complete set of testing and evaluation system to carry out a comprehensive inspection of the green packaging engineering system on a regular basis and quantitative comprehensive assessment to ensure that the green packaging system meets international standards and to make green packaging products in world trade. Unimpeded, it plays an invaluable role in protecting human health and protecting human health.

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