Starch Adhesive Raw Material Complementing and Making for Single Unit

The ratio of the raw materials and auxiliary materials used in the single-unit cold-strength, high-drying and fast-drying starch adhesives are based on the advantages of existing adhesives. The improved production process is simple, without heating, Four seasons influence, reaction time is short, the quality of the finished product is stable (more than half of the retention period), the drying speed is fast and the adhesive force is strong.

Single-machine starch adhesives can be achieved by adding quantitative water to the reactor, adding starch and stirring evenly, adding sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate (optionally one) and stirring for 5-30 minutes; caustic soda Dissolve in cold water, add it to the reaction vessel and stir for 20-60 minutes; then dissolve the borax with hot water, add it to the reaction vessel, stir for 3-5 minutes, add the appropriate amount of defoamer, and stir for 2-3 minutes.

The composition of each component by weight: Unit: kg
Water: 1000 Caustic soda (95% above content) 18-29
Starch: 150-350 Borax 6-8
Drying catalyst used for cooked glue: 6-15 Defoamer: Appropriate amount of sodium hypochlorite (10% content) 40-100
(Industrial Grade Hydrogen Peroxide: 27.5% Content: 6-25)
(potassium permanganate: 2.5-15)

The specific processing process is as follows:
a. Add water to the reactor and stir the starch evenly.
b. Put the dedicated dry catalyst for cooked rubber into the reactor and stir it evenly;
c. Add sodium hypochlorite or hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate to the reactor and stir for 5-30 minutes;
d, the caustic soda dissolved with 3-5 times cold water, added to the reactor, stirred for 20-60 minutes;
e, the borax with 5-10 times boiling water dissolved into the reactor, stirring 3-5 minutes;
f. Finally, add an appropriate amount of defoamer and stir for 2-3 minutes.

The starch adhesive produced according to this recipe and process has a simple process and does not require heating. It takes only 30-90 minutes from the feeding to the finished product. The bonded cartons dry quickly, have high strength, do not run, and do not absorb moisture. Not alkaline. This series of adhesives has been tested, initial adhesion of 1-1.5 minutes, full adhesion for 5-10 minutes, destruction of fiber 30-50 seconds, its physical and chemical indicators are better than battoin and other formulations and processes of starch adhesive . It can be widely used in corrugated paper boxes for export goods packaging, corrugated paper boxes for food packaging, corrugated boxes for fruit and vegetable packaging and corrugated cartons for middle and high-grade goods.

The technical indicators of the adhesive (according to the first formula of single-faced corrugated cardboard hand-fabricated paper) and common starch binder and babocyanine are compared as follows:

The process flow for cold high-strength and quick-drying starch adhesives is as follows (stirred state):

Tap water → Starch → Drying catalyst dedicated for cooked glue → Oxidizing agent (sodium hypochlorite, hydrogen peroxide or potassium permanganate) → 10-30 minutes → Caustic soda solution 20-60 minutes → Borax solution 3-5 minutes → Defoamer → Finished product

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