Sports venue construction guide

The construction of a professional sports venue is an accurate knowledge. A well-designed sports venue with guaranteed materials and construction quality can maximize your investment and provide athletes with endless fun. If you have decided to invest in the construction of sports venues, please implement the following principles:

· Determine the functions of the venue and the budget plan: What is the main purpose of the venue you invest in? Is it for professional competitions or leisure sports? How much is your budget? The basic positioning of the site construction and investment estimation is to formulate a specific design plan. basis.


· Ask for expert advice: Ask experts to help you plan, design, and create. It can often save you unnecessary expenses and solve various technical problems. Experienced professionals can translate your requirements into technical data, design drawings and various scientific parameters, and prepare a sound and standardized construction plan, quality performance standards and detailed project budget for you.

Site selection: Outdoor playgrounds should generally be built in a site with a level higher than the off-floor and relatively horizontal, in order to facilitate drainage and avoid excessive accumulation of sediment in the future. The vertical direction of the site is the best in the north-south direction, the east-west direction in the horizontal direction, and the appropriate adjustment according to the latitude of the site. In particular, the track in the track and field field should be parallel to the prevailing wind direction in the area. This is crucial for all sprinting and obstacle running projects because it will determine whether the athlete is upwind or downwind in the game.

· Determine the construction plan: According to the plan provided by the experts, make a final choice based on your actual situation, determine the most suitable plan and implement it according to plan. The general construction plan includes the following main contents:

· Site infrastructure: The basic quality of sports grounds directly affects site performance. Therefore, the construction of any sports venue, infrastructure design is critical. There are two types of common infrastructure: asphalt concrete and cement concrete. Because the former has better tensile strength than the latter, the asphalt concrete foundation is generally used in outdoor venues to prevent the slight movement of the earth's crust from damaging the basic performance.

·Surface materials: Common sports grounds include acrylic plastics, prefabricated rubber coils, artificial turf, and wood floors. Different surface materials are suitable for different professional sports venues, and the consultants will certainly provide you with good advice.

· Stadium structure: The wooden canopy structure is fashionable and novel, the steel structure is beautiful and sturdy, and the cost of brick-concrete structure is low. No matter which structure type you choose, it can meet your construction needs.

· Identify builders: Selecting builders with professional construction qualifications for stadium facilities to implement the construction plan for you is the precondition for ensuring construction quality.

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