SML Lenzing: High-speed, high-efficiency barrier film production

In early 2006 , Austrian SML Lenzing produced and manufactured a new cast line on-line composite film production line. It was installed at EK-Pack , a famous vacuum bag film manufacturer in Germany , and immediately put into production. It further improved the company's PA/PE barrier film. The production capacity of the product enables its various composite film production to reach 35 000 t / a .

Normal >    EK-Pack has long-term rich experience in the field of barrier diaphragms. In accordance with this customer's special market demand , SML Lenzing has optimized the design of the production line and production process to achieve high speed, high efficiency, and high flexibility. Perfect unity and one-shot production of reliable, qualified products that fully meet customer requirements.

Normal> This new type of production line with maximum flexibility and maximum efficiency shows great advantages compared to the traditional process of producing barrier films using multi-layer co-extrusion technology. It uses two extrusion casting units and one composite unit. The PA film with barrier function and the PE polyolefin film with support and heat sealing functions are first produced separately and then combined in-line to the required barrier film. The composite film of this structure is mainly used for the production of thermoformed products and vacuum packaging bags and used for packaging of meats, sausages, fish, cheese, seasonings, deep-frozen products and pharmaceutical products. Typical PA / PE Thickness of 8 0 ~ 300 μm.

Normal> The biggest advantages of this line compared to the commonly used one-step process multi-layer co-extrusion lines are:

Normal > 2         All the edge strips are a single original material, so they can all be recycled online, directly to the extrusion unit

Normal > 2        

Measurements (mm)

1620*600 (L*W*H)


smooth PVC,good sponge(Different material is available at your demand)


a. safe

b. durable
c. colorful

d. Simple and easy assembly


a. Advanced techniques and high-tech equipments

b. A full set of quality control system and comprehensive management mechanism
c. Owning a professional design team

d. Self-owned brand and independent manufacturer

(we can design new picture as your area plan, theme, colors, and other requirement)

Age Range


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Communities, amusement park, kindergarten, prechool, residential area, supermarket,



Standard export packing


EN1176, EN71, CCC,CE,14000,28000,GS,SGS

Warranty Period

2 years

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