Selection and type of dust in sand and dust test chamber

The sand and dust test chamber mainly simulates natural sand, powder or dust to test the product in the form of flying dust, blowing dust or falling dust. It is suitable for various automobile parts for dust and dust resistance tests. The test parts include Car lights, meters, electrical dust jackets, steering systems, door locks, etc. Since the sand and dust test chamber simulates the dust particles in the nature world, what kind of dust is selected for the relevant test?

Dust refers to solid particles suspended in the air. It is customary to have many names for dust, such as dust, dust, smoke, mine dust, sand dust, powder, etc., these terms have no obvious boundaries. The International Organization for Standardization stipulates that solid suspended particles with a particle size of less than 75 μm are defined as dust. The type of dust can be divided into: flying dust, dust, total suspended particles, powder particles, dust, smoke, smoke and powder according to the size of the dust particles in the atmosphere. The dust formed in production is divided into:

1. Inorganic dust: mineral dust, such as quartz, asbestos, talc, coal, etc .; metallic dust, such as iron, tin, aluminum, manganese, lead, zinc, etc .; artificial inorganic dust, such as emery, cement, glass fiber, etc.

2. Organic dust: animal dust, such as wool, silk, bone, etc .; plant dust, such as cotton, hemp, grass, sugarcane, cereals, wood, tea, etc .; artificial organic dust, such as organic pesticides, organic dyes, and synthesis Resin, synthetic rubber, synthetic fiber, etc.

3. Mixed dust is the above-mentioned various types of dust. It is a dust formed by mixing two or more substances. This kind of dust is the most common in production.

For the various dust types described above, the dry talc powder, portland cement, flue dust and other dusts used in the Beijing Yashilin sand and dust test chamber were subjected to corresponding simulation experiments, which relatively reflected the characteristics of the test products under the action of dust. For more technical consultation, please log in:

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