Scraper position and angle details

The position of the doctor blade is determined by the doctor blade and the embossing point. That is, the position of the doctor blade is the distance from the contact point of the doctor blade to the embossing point on the plate cylinder. There are many factors that determine the position of the squeegee, such as the speed of the printing press (depending on the drying speed of the ink). If the printing speed is slow and the drying speed of the ink is fast, the distance between the squeegee and the printing point should be Closer.
Whether it is a straight squeegee or a curved squeegee, the angle of the squeegee should be the same. The optimal contact angle between the squeegee shaft and the plate is 60 degrees. This angle can ensure that the squeegee can superfluously affect the surface of the plate cylinder. The ink is clean.
We can see this straight line: the straight line that connects the contact point with the center point of the plate cylinder. The angle between the scraper axis and this line is generally called "SetAngle". This angle should be set when the platen is at rest and has not yet applied pressure to the squeegee. It is usually used as a parameter for printing press control.
This angle will change slightly when pressure is applied to the squeegee. In particular, when using a straight squeegee, the change in angle is slightly more noticeable. The change in the use of a curved squeegee is relatively Smaller because the curved squeegee bends toward the drum under pressure. In general, angles between 10 and 40 degrees are suitable for most presses.

The pull rod box refers to a suitcase with a pull rod and a roller. Because of its convenient use, carry clothes and so on to become travel, go out and be widely used. At the same time, the pull rod box also has a pull rod for the box, and it has the single pipe pull rod and the double pipe pull rod. The pipe of the pull rod also has the square tube and the circular tube's separation, so as to facilitate the walking while dragging, and lighten the burden greatly.The pull rod box can be carried or dragged. The wheel used for the pull rod box is basically located at the bottom of the box, and the modern man has designed a new form of pull rod box. The box is designed as a cylinder shape, and the wheels are outsourced outside the box.

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