Review of moisture-proof waterproof paper-based packaging materials

Moisture-proof packaging materials refer to packaging materials that cannot pass or hardly penetrate water vapor. Commonly used moisture-proof packaging materials are paper, plastics, metals, glass, ceramics and so on. In addition to the functions of conventional packaging materials, moisture-proof packaging materials have a special requirement in moisture-proof packaging that the moisture permeability is small. The lower the moisture permeability of the moisture-proof material, the better the moisture resistance. Common moisture-proof paper packaging materials are moisture-proof glass paper, paraffin paper, polyvinyl chloride processing paper, bitumen waterproof paper, polyethylene processing paper, aluminum-plastic composite moisture-proof paper, moisture-proof corrugated cardboard and so on. Various moisture-proof paper materials are generally added to unbleached sulphate chemical pulp or coated with various moisture-proof chemicals such as carbonamide resin, latex, polyamide resin, and asphalt. Paraffin wax and so on, so the functional properties of the moisture-proof paper and the environmental performance are greatly affected by the moisture-proof medicines. Moisture-proof bag paper is used to manufacture paper bags for packaging bulk products, inorganic fertilizers, daily discharged waste, and other goods under high-humidity transport conditions.

The role of moisture-proof packaging is to reduce or block the speed of external moisture penetration into the package through high moisture-resistance packaging materials or to absorb the moisture that penetrates into the package with a desiccant at the same time to maintain the moisture content of the product and obtain a certain shelf life. At present, general moisture-proof packaging using moisture-proof moisture-proof paper packaging or plastic film packaging can reach certain moisture-proof packaging requirements, but for the moisture-proof packaging, high-expanded food or other high-level goods need to be sealed in desiccant to ensure food flavor or Brittleness and other quality requirements.

First, green moisture-proof paper-based packaging materials

The production process of green moisture-proof paper-based materials mainly involves the selection of fiber raw materials, the addition of major chemical auxiliaries, and the recycling and recovery process of target products. The following describes a green process for making moisture-proof paper sheets using natural needle KP pulp and waste pulp mixers. This process mixes a certain amount of waste pulp with wood pulp. On the one hand, it saves wood resources. On the other hand, it fully utilizes recycled waste paper, reduces resource consumption and energy consumption, and saves costs. Adding chemical additives can enhance the dry and wet strength of the paper. The added PPE resin is an environmentally friendly and efficient wet strength additive. It has a strong effect of increasing the humidity and strong dryness and strength. The target crack length of the target product reached 6000m or more, and the wet-dry strength ratio reached 48%. In addition, for the recycling of the product, the high-strength water-resistant wrapper prepared by this process is fully cooked in an oven at 150°C, and an appropriate amount of hypochlorite bleach can be used at 30 to 50°C. After soaking for 10-30 minutes, the pulp can be slurried by the sparser. The treatment process is easy to operate, simple and easy, reducing the environmental load and waste of resources in the papermaking process. Therefore, using this process to produce moisture is just a kind of packaging paper production process with good environmental coordination.

Second, moisture-resistant corrugated cardboard

Corrugated cardboard is one of the most widely used types of paperboard in packaging, especially for commodity packaging, and can be used instead of wooden crates and metal boxes. Corrugated cardboard is processed from corrugated base paper. First, the base paper is processed into a corrugated shape, and then the surface layer is bonded with adhesive from both sides to make the cardboard middle layer into a hollow structure. This is a corrugated paperboard with high strength, stiffness, hardness, pressure resistance, burst resistance, and the like. The properties such as ductility are all higher than those of ordinary paperboard, and the carton made from it is also firmer, which is more conducive to protecting the packaged products. Moisture-resisting corrugated board is sprayed with paraffin liquid at a temperature of 130-180°C. In the damp-proof duty class, the mass of paraffin wax is 30%~45%. This kind of corrugated paperboard has high moisture resistance and its strength is much higher than that of unimpregnated paperboard.

In recent years, due to the development of synthetic resins, a calcium plastic corrugated board has been produced, which can overcome some of the shortcomings of the original corrugated board. It has the advantages of moisture-proof, rain-proof, high strength, abundant material sources, and more and more applications.

A calcium plastic corrugated paper refers to a plastic paper with a calcified filler. It is a kind of plastic packaging material, not a paper packaging material. Because it is compared with kraft corrugated paper, it is used to be called cardboard. The formula of calcium plastic corrugated paper is as follows. Surface paper: 15% low density polyethylene, 45% high density polyethylene, 40% light calcium carbonate, zinc stearate, barium stearate, antioxidants, UV absorbers; corrugating medium: low Density polyethylene 10%, high density polyethylene 45%, light calcium carbonate 40%, zinc stearate, barium stearate, antioxidants, UV absorbers; corrugated core paper: low density polyethylene 10 %, high density polyethylene 40%, light calcium carbonate 50%, other additives same as surface paper.

Whether it is kraft corrugated board or calcium plastic corrugated board, it has the characteristics of light weight, high mechanical strength, good moisture resistance, etc. The cartons made have good folding properties, small storage space, low transportation costs, and can be used repeatedly for repeated use. It is easy to recycle and is an excellent green substitute for wood packaging.

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