Replacement of positive and negative chromatographic system in liquid chromatograph

In liquid chromatography analysis, we make the following summary about the replacement content of positive and reversed phase chromatography

1. First, use n-hexane (silica gel column) to equilibrate the chromatography system including the normal phase column (guarantee that the baseline is straight and no peak appears within 20 minutes);

2. Remove the silica gel column, seal it and save;

3. Short-circuit the sampling valve and the detector, flush the chromatography system with isopropyl alcohol for 10 minutes (flow rate 1ml / min). During this period, empty the sampling valve three times;

4. Change the methanol (or eye) to flush the system for 20 minutes (flow rate 2ml / min), during this period empty the sampling valve three times;

5. Install the reversed-phase chromatography column, adjust the flow rate to 1ml / min, rinse the system with methanol (or eye) until the system is balanced;

6. Into the three-pin standard product, check whether the area and retention time are repeated, if not, continue to rinse until repeated.

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