Product Design Color Analysis (I)

Abstract: This article analyzes the relationship between color application and material, environment and light in product design, and the effect of color application on consumer psychology and corporate brand image, sums up color application in product design and other aspects. Different color applications, and pointed out that the color application of product design should be considered and improved from many aspects.

Keywords: product design color

Color and modeling are the same as the modeling language. Any product in our mind has an ideal state that we need to find. Therefore, how to correctly find the color suitable for the product is as important as the product design. Color has a greater appeal to people. How can we make people think that this color is the color that the product should have? Do not feel overly obtrusive? How to better integrate the product into its use environment? This is the problem that color encounters in the product design process. For example, in the design of home appliances, the appearance of color and household electrical appliances should be popularized, and in this popular color combination, the product can be given a bright spot, that is, how to use color to give the product a uniqueness. For example, a large area of ​​pale glass lining up with small pieces of polished metal is a common way for audio products. Color is individual, and different products also have their own personality. The task of the designer is to give people the colors they need most.

The colors in product design are not isolated and more unique, which is different from the colors in painting or graphic design. The use of the same color effect under different materials is different, and the colors used in different environments are also different. Products used for different consumers use different colors and products with different properties also need to have different Color, but in the enterprise also consider the corporate identity and corporate image and so on. I will discuss the above aspects separately.

First, the relationship between color and material

Color is very important in product design, and the color of the product does not exist alone. It is a complete color together with the material and the surface treatment. The use of color and design of the connection is like wearing different colors of different colors of clothes to show different temperaments. same. The same color scheme is used on different materials. After different surface treatments, different effects will appear. Different materials, the color gives people the feeling effect is completely different, this is the biggest difference between the color design in product design and the use of color different from other designs. The effect of material on color is quite large, and the opposite color has a great influence on the material. For example, after applying different surface treatments on the same product and applying the same color, the color effects reflected after spraying are very different. The color brightness reflected on the bright surface is higher and the purity is higher. The color on the flower (matt) surface significantly reduces brightness and purity. Therefore, the use of different materials made of the same color objects will still cause different colors because of materials such as reflective refraction phenomenon, the use of materials and color matching is a good way to enhance the design. Sometimes designers only pay attention to the changes of the model, use too much decoration or too much color separation, which can only cause troubles for the product's spraying or mold processing. In fact, the combination of color and material is better than modeling. Changes sometimes achieve better results. Many classic designs do not have a complicated color scheme. A better grasp of the material can be done: simple and complex.

The special effect of the combination of transparent and opaque materials on the product

A lot of companies usually choose the color scheme of several colors when making color selection, and then call the color number to the company that specializes in surface spraying and bronzing printing to physically spray (Ti trial product) and finally get the best results. One or more of these are used as the final product color matching. It is very important to paint the product to paint the physical object, so as to reflect the true color effect of the product. On the other hand, the product is composed of various parts of different materials. Therefore, considering the overall product color must also plan the material effect of the product as a whole, and the partial perfection is unscientific because the material has different colors. Different tastes, metal materials can make the color become harder and colder. The same color also affects the material, such as the effect of metallic paint can give the material a metallic texture. For example, the cool color of the metal does not match with the cool color, and most of the effects are abrupt. The transparent or sprayable translucent plastic material (such as glass or transparent pc material) has a great influence on the color. On the other hand, the surface treatment also has a great influence on the color, the metal series are: matt, pearlescent, reflective and other methods, together with different color processing, the surface processing effect can have hundreds of changes.

Material and color influence each other

On the other hand, using one kind of material to simulate the visual effect of another material through a certain processing process is a means often used by designers because the color influences the psychological feelings of the consumers on the material and affects the visual sense of the people. Psychological experience. The physicochemical properties of the material are often related to the product function of the application. Textures that are similar or the same material may not necessarily be the same material, so changing the material state with color can allow for more in-depth design.

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