Problems to consider when designing a wardrobe

[ Chinese wardrobe net ] In order to make it more convenient when we use the wardrobe , we should consider the following points when designing the wardrobe:


Selected position

Whether it is a walk-in closet or a whole wardrobe , their orientation at home can be chosen according to their own habits. Imagine the time in which you will use the closet. After the shower and before going out in the morning, it is still a matter of ironing. There is a compromise between the cloakroom and the bedroom, bathhouse, laundry room and entrance.

2. Thinking about internal methods

The main thing to do is to figure out whether the things placed in the closet are just clothes, or something else. For some women, it is difficult to say whether your wardrobe can store important documents such as cosmetics. Write them one by one with paper and pen to avoid forgetting when submitting the demand.

3. Quantitative analysis of clothing

This step is very important. You need to classify your clothes. How many pieces are used, which ones are commonly used, and which ones need to be pressed, can be clearly written, so that the designer can design the wardrobe capacity. There can be a reference standard.

4. Delineate the area

The second is the internal structure, which is often referred to as "plaid shop" to remember the 60-150-60 criterion, which is the division of the upper and lower distance of the closet. The 60 cm area at the top and bottom is commonly used as a "sleeping area" for placing off-season clothing and bedding and occasional sports equipment. An open, capacity storage box is recommended at the height of the cabinet. The "golden position" in the middle of the wardrobe is used to place the usual clothing of this season, which is convenient for trade-offs.

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