Plastic bottle innovation is imminent

Perfume bottles, wine bottles and essential oil bottles are all loved by people because of their unique shapes. Collectors often pay high prices for uniquely designed bottles. But collectors don’t seem interested in plastic bottles that they see everyday.
Because the usual plastic bottle is a form, and does not change all year round, resulting in the proliferation of such bottles. It does not have a collection value at all.
A large part of the designers of plastic bottles are cross-industry designs. Design plastic bottles for experience in apparel design and advertising design. Most plastic bottles are used to hold beverages and go into supermarkets. Each bottle is similar and does not change or innovate. Customers only choose from taste and brand. For brands that do not understand this kind of consumption concept, they have a great influence. Sales volume.
From a personal point of view, I recommend that new products be listed and plastic bottles must be replaced. Innovations are needed in terms of capacity, appearance, touch and color. Let customers find it in many plastic bottles at a glance, fall in love with it, and then buy it.

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