Photoshop creates gorgeous linear graphics


Use free deformation (Ctrl + T) to change the width, height, rotation angle, horizontal & vertical bevel values ​​of the path, and then use Ctrl + Shift + Alt + T (transform the copied pixel data again and create a copy) to transform.

Now from simple to difficult, for example, to explain the application of the principle. Knowing the application of the principle, the effect is the problem of intention and creativity.


1. Open ps, create an 800 × 600 image, set the “foreground color” to white, and the “background color” to black (for strong contrast), and create a new “layer 1” fill background color (Ctrl + Delete).

2. Select "Ellipse Tool" and select "Path" in the option bar.

3. Select the "Path" tab in the "Layer Panel", create a new "Path", and use the "Ellipse Tool" to draw an ellipse "Path 1".


4. Select "Path 1", "Edit"-> "Free Transform Path" (Ctrl + T), and set the parameters as shown in the figure, and click OK (Enter).

5. Press Ctrl + Shift + Alt + T N times to get the picture:

6. Select "Path Selection Tool" and select all paths.

7. Select the "Layer" tab, create a new "Layer 2", and then select the "Path" tab, "Stroke the path with a brush".

8. Cancel the selection of "Path 1", the result is as shown in the example.

There is another implementation method with the same principle, just use the "ellipse selection tool" to select the ellipse area, "stroke", Ctrl + T to set the parameters, Ctrl + Shift + Alt + T transformation, the result is shown in the figure:

You will find that the shape of the linear shape is deformed by the stroke of the linear shape obtained by the stroke, so the two are slightly different, and of course each has its own flavor and is used for different needs.

Note: When using Ctrl + Shift + Alt + T to transform a linear graphic, if the linear graphic is selected, the newly existing graphic is on the original graphic, otherwise the data will be copied and a new layer will be created for each conversion.

to sum up

The path not only controls the sawtooth and deformation of the lines during the transformation, but also has more flexibility. The variety of pen styles can produce a variety of graphics.

By changing the parameters of free transformation, creating a variety of different graphics combinations, recycling Ctrl + T and Ctrl + Shift + Alt + T, can produce a lot of gorgeous line effects.

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