Oral care product packaging for a new look

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare's tear-off bottled mouthwash and 200ml of toothpaste under the Aquafresh and Macleans brands now use an innovative kit made by Sleever Intl. of the United Kingdom. Sleever uses its advanced printing and processing technology, using metal ink, so that the details of the pattern clearly visible. The newly-packaged labels are impressive, and the design of the shape is complex and dynamic, which enhances the display effect of the products placed on the shelves.

Fresh Mint and Cool Mint mouthwash are packaged in 300 ml and 600 ml bottles. The shrinkage of the sleeve used in the mouthwash bottle is as high as 62% so that it can be perfectly matched to the bottle. The new Macleans toothpaste is contained in a 100-ml dispensing container and is sold primarily in the United Kingdom. The label is printed in seven colors. "Fresh Mint" is a blue sleeve, "Whitening" is a silver sleeve, "Complete Care" is a purple sleeve, and "Ice The "Ice Whitening" type adopts aqua green sleeve. The toothpaste bottle is tapered at the cap, so that the sleeve and the container have different degrees of difficulty. (Packaging Digest)

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