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[ Chinese wardrobe net ] The wardrobe contains a woman's favorite, and even more is the most exciting pursuit of the new year, that is, a woman who always lacks new clothes. In a word, the wardrobe is the item they care most about. First, today we are going to evaluate a Norwegian moonlight cloakroom.

Solid wood wardrobe

This Norwegian moonlight texture, famous for its romance, gives a watery feel. The nine-inch double-decorated panel used is strong in load-bearing, durable and beautiful. The wood of Shangpin Home is the Weihua brand, which is provided by the listed company's largest sheet supplier in Asia. Its material is uniform, relatively pure, flat and easy to form. MDF is suitable for wardrobe cabinets and belongs to national E1 environmental protection products. . Moreover, the plates will be sent to the quality inspection bureau for sampling.

Norwegian moonlight wardrobe

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