New measures to support youth innovation in Moscow

Countries in the world today fully recognize that young people are an inexhaustible driving force for technological development. In order to cultivate young people's interest in science and technology and attract young people to actively participate in science and technology, the Moscow city government recently launched the InnoStar-Innovation Star project selection activity for young people, providing young scholars and innovators with a way to show themselves Platform of talent.

The Innovation Star project awards are divided into two themes, the first one is "Project Changes the World" and the other is "21st Century Expert". The winners of the project come from different fields. The first winner of the "Project Change the World" is a graduate student from the "Moscow Institute of Engineering Physics" of the National Nuclear Research University. His entry is a "four-wheel drive unmanned aerial vehicle" that can be used for forest fires. Surveillance, road traffic observations, and large-scale event shooting have different business prospects; the second-place work titled "Research on the Development Mechanism and Aging Process of Mitochondrial Lesions", this study will allow humans to further grasp the human aging mechanism in the future And solve the longevity and other problems; the third place is the collection of plant specimens from Moscow University.

The winner of the "21st Century Expert" competition project is a young scholar at the Moscow University of Physics and Technology. His work is "thin film resistive memory", which has certain significance for the development of microelectronics and nanoelectronics. At the same time, the judging committee also awarded the jury professional awards and audience favorite awards.

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