National Love Tooth Day: Simple Whitening Method

Simple method

Whitening whitening effect with lemon juice is good

National Love Tooth Day: An easy way to whiten your teeth

Methods as below:

After brushing your teeth every night, use a gauze dipped in some lemon juice to rub your teeth and the teeth will become white and bright.

Lemon has a strong detergency and whitening effect, and contains vitamin C to strengthen the roots.

National Love Tooth Day: An easy way to whiten your teeth

6 ways to white teeth

1, cold-light teeth whitening

When I take the photo, I have to go to my mind. After I go home, I will continue to be sore for three days! But there is a clear whitening effect.

2, whitening teeth pen

It has a brush head on the front end. It is brushed on each tooth before going to bed. It wakes up the next morning and then washes it off. It also has a good whitening effect.

3, vinegar can be removed from the tartar smoke stains. People who smoke regularly, the teeth will be smoked with a layer of black and yellow smog, it is difficult to brush off with toothpaste, but with vinegar brush can make the teeth descaled and white. Contain half a mouthful of vinegar, simmer in the mouth for 2-3 minutes, then spit it out, then brush your teeth hard, and finally wash with water, repeated several times to remove the smoke. >>>Autumn hair moisturizing care Daquan refuses static electricity

National Love Tooth Day: An easy way to whiten your teeth

4, the end of the orange peel to make toothpaste can clean the teeth of the orange peel into a fine powder, mixed with a little toothpaste every day when brushing teeth, not only can make the teeth white, full of mouth fragrance, because the orange peel has a strong anti-corrosion effect, long-term Adhere to effective solid teeth.

5, cuttlefish bone powder can effectively clean the teeth to study the cuttlefish bone into fine powder for brushing teeth, teeth can turn from yellow to white.

6, baking soda teeth with a toothbrush dipped in some baking soda (alkali), according to the normal brushing method, once or twice a week, three minutes each time, can keep the teeth bright and smooth.

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