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What is youth? Some people say that youth is a dream of doing things when they are young. Some people say that youth is an indelible memory. Others say that youth has to experience pains that are unforgettable. Zhao Wei’s first director’s work, “To Youth,” set off a “youth” fever on the Internet. In order to catch up with this "new and nostalgic style", the young artists of literature and art have done a lot of work in the style of home. A simple and generous Gaole home makes the home easily become "small fresh".

Small fresh recommended NO.1 Korean pastoral fabric sofa set of 3 recommended index: five stars

The three-piece Korean garden sofa is made of 100% solid wood, which is solid and durable, and has excellent bearing capacity. The solid wood frame is the darling of the current home market. It is natural, environmentally friendly and healthy. It reveals the beauty of nature and originality. It can bring people closer to nature and make it human, practical, modern and harmonious. Leading the trend of home. With a beautiful fabric stripe fabric, the sofa is more flexible and lively. Seat cushions are easy to disassemble and easy to clean. The use of high-density sponges and serpentine springs enhances the comfort of the sofa as a whole.

Small fresh recommended NO.2 Korean pastoral round coffee table Recommended index: four stars

How can a small coffee table be replaced by a warm little fresh home? Lightweight design saves home space; streamlined legs shape, increased stability and aesthetic requirements; high-quality birch frame, exquisite material, texture and generous; exquisite carving process, making furniture more flexible and stylish.

The taste of a cup of coffee, whether it is the bitterness of Ganzi, or the sweetness of the heart, with the soft sunshine, is often the best comfort. Needless to say, just quiet, let the relaxed atmosphere into the soul, this will be the best comfort, the sweetest intimacy.

Small fresh recommended NO.3 Korean pastoral simple double bed Recommended index: four stars

Sometimes, a quiet dream is the best way to escape from reality and return to nature. The world of dreams is always full of birds and flowers. It always has a romantic fairy tale of princes and princesses. Relaxation and tranquility may be so calm.

The simple bed end design caters to the sleek and simple beauty; the exquisite short leg shape increases the stability of the bed itself; the bed height is low, suitable for people of all ages. Sleeping in such a small and fresh bed, accompanying you, is the prince charming, who is only in the fairy tale, is still the true life who can wait for it? The feeling of being cared for, like the breeze in the morning, gentle, broke into the heart and spleen.

Small fresh recommendation NO.4: modern casual leather art leaf chair Recommended index: four stars

The exile of the soul is full of surprises and envy, one's sky, forgetting the dispute and busy. Read a good book and enjoy a room in the green. Such a fresh time requires a leaf chair to accompany. The design is derived from the beauty of nature and originality, without chemical pollution, in line with the psychological needs of modern urban people who admire nature. The material is solid, and the combination of solid wood frame and high-elastic sponge is more durable. The innovative shape not only beautifies the space, but also shows the personality of the owner close to nature.

Small fresh recommended NO.5 modern simple pine single door wine cabinet recommended index: four stars

A warm little fresh home needs a simple set of pine wine cabinets to decorate. Originating from New Zealand's original pine frame, the classic glass door design, the atmosphere is beautiful, more tasteful; four-layer storage section, enriching the practical performance of the wine cabinet; unmodified simple form, returning to the simple, not strong, but added a few Divided temperament.

Mozart's serenade is floating in the room, and the melodious melody complements the strong whiskey in the glass. The sly light stretches the tired figure and curls up in the sofa, and the quiet atmosphere penetrates into the surrounding environment. A book to accompany you through this charming midnight, comfortable and serene.

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