Instruction manual of sand and dust test chamber

Low-voltage electrical appliances, motors, instruments, meters and other products are often affected by the sand and dust environment during storage, transportation and operation, especially the automotive electrical appliances are more significantly affected by the sand and dust. This equipment uses artificial simulation of sand and dust environment , To test the test equipment for dust resistance of the test product. The basic structure, principle and performance of this equipment, in addition to meeting the requirements of the national standard on the "Sand Dust Test Method", can also provide a non-laminar flow of dust-laden vertical circulating airflow, with the function of observing recycled dust ; And its circulation of large dust-laden airflow can be smoothly adjusted speed and automatic timing or continuous control of start and stop, is an ideal sand and dust test equipment.

Trampoline Basketball is a fun sport that combines two of kids` favorite activities. It incorporates jumping on a trampoline with the sport of basketball. It`s twice the fun and twice the exercise making it popular among children and even their parents.
Typically trampolines are placed in front of each net and also border the court. Like standard basketball, points are earned by putting the ball through the net. A shot is worth two points and a shot made outside of the three-point arc is three points. In trampoline basketball a slam dunk is also worth three points. 

Unlike tradition basketball, however, the game is usually played in six-minute quarters. There also are a few more rules to follow. Players will be fouled if they are on the same trampoline as another person, are stationed on a trampoline for more than three seconds, or if they interfere with another player`s bounce. Checking and traveling also still count as fouls like traditional basketball. 

There are three positions for trampoline ball: the handler, the stopper, and the gunner. The handler is mainly offensive, controlling the ball the most, and typically sets up plays. The stopper is defensive, similar to a hockey goalie, and protects the net. The gunner is the primary scorer, attempting to shoot baskets past the stopper. 

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