Determination of total surface area and external surface area of ​​carbon black by nitrogen adsorption method

The study of specific surface area is very important. The specific surface area detection data is only true and reliable when the results are detected by the BET method. At present, there are many instruments in China that can only be tested by the direct comparison method. Now it is also eliminated in China. At present, the multi-point BET method is used uniformly for the specific surface area testing at home and abroad. The specific surface area measurement standards developed at home and abroad are based on the BET test method. Please refer to China's national standard (GB / T 19587-2004)-Gas adsorption BET principle Method for determining the specific surface area of ​​solid materials. The measurement of specific surface area is actually a time-consuming task. Due to the different adsorption capacity of the sample, the test of some samples may take a whole day. If the test process is not fully automated, then the tester ca n’t leave at all times. A high degree of concentration, observing the instrument panel, manipulating the knob, and a little inattention will lead to the failure of the test process, which will waste a lot of precious time of the tester. The F-Sorb 2400 specific surface area analyzer is an instrument that can truly realize the detection function of the BET method (both with direct comparison method), and the more important F-Sorb 2400 specific surface area analyzer is the only fully automated intelligent specific surface area detection device in China The test results are highly consistent with international standards, and the stability is also very good. At the same time, it reduces human errors and improves the accuracy of test results.

The specific surface area is defined as the total surface area per unit mass of the substance. The international unit is (m2 / g), which is mainly used to characterize the physical performance parameters of the outer surface size of the powder material particles. Practice and research show that the specific surface area is closely related to many other properties of the material, such as adsorption performance, catalytic performance, surface activity, energy storage capacity and stability, etc. Therefore, the determination of the specific surface area of ​​powder materials has very important applications and research value. The specific surface area of ​​the material mainly depends on the particle size. The smaller the particle size, the greater the specific surface area. At the same time, the surface structure characteristics and morphological characteristics of the particles have a significant impact on the surface area size. Perform a reference analysis.
Studies have shown that many singular properties of nanomaterials are closely related to the sharp increase in specific surface area of ​​their particles. With the continuous progress of nanotechnology in recent years, the measurement of specific surface area performance has become more and more popular, and has been included in many international and domestic tests In the standard.

Introduction to pore size analysis Practice has shown that the microscopic characteristics of ultrafine powder particles not only appear as irregular surface shapes, but also have pore structures. The size, shape and number of pores have a great influence on the surface area measurement results. At the same time, the pore size and pore size distribution of the material have a great influence on the adsorption, catalysis and stability of the material itself. Therefore, the determination of pore volume and pore size distribution has become another major field of powder material performance testing, which is usually closely related to the measurement of specific surface area.
The so-called pore size distribution refers to the rate of change of pore volume of different pore sizes with pore size. Generally, the pores are divided into three categories according to the average radius of the pores: pores ≤ 2 nm are micropores, pores in the range of 2-50 nm are mesopores, and pores ≥ 50 nm are macropores. Macropores are generally measured by mercury intrusion method, and mesopores and micropores are measured by gas adsorption method.

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