Customized wardrobe five "potholes" selling point consumers beware of being fooled

The word "flickering" was a hit because of a certain year's Spring Festival party. In fact, the popularity of a popular word will never be a hole in the wind. Like the word "flickering", it seems that it is a fire because of a sentence, but in fact, "flickering" is definitely a cause of fire, because now there are too many "fudge" in the market, many companies for their own sake. The interests of the consumers are often unremarkable. Today we will decipher the five big points of custom wardrobes, reminding consumers to be careful when they are shopping.

Customized wardrobe five "potholes" selling point consumers beware of being fooled

Flicker point 1: green moisture-proof factor moisture-proof board

At present, many merchants in the custom wardrobe market have launched “green moisture-proof factor moisture-proof panels” to attract consumers to buy. In fact, the difference between custom-made wardrobes and finished wardrobes, most brands choose to start with tangible materials, so they launched a particleboard product with "moisture resistance" and called it "moisture-proof board". Even the "green" or "blue" "moisture resistance factor" has been added to the sheet substrate. The fact is that all the artificial boards such as particleboard products do have certain moisture-proof properties, while the green and blue ones are only a measure to distinguish artificial boards, and do not have the effect of “moisture-proof”. This selling point is gradually fading out of the market, and only a few areas may have such a title.

Flicker point 2: Particleboard is better than MDF. MDF is better than particleboard.

Whenever a brand is pushing a certain plate, then in the terminal market, there will be a sound of the material that is mainly pushed by the other than the other material. The consumer is confused, and the practitioners sometimes have such a The point of view is questioned. The fact is that the main performance parameters of the two kinds of plates used in furniture manufacturing are not much different from the national standards, but only the physical characteristics and the structure are different. Both are artificial boards suitable for custom furniture products.

Fudge point three: European noble wood custom American style old

Most of the Chinese do not know what the real European style is. The employees are also considered to be European-style, American-style (American-style decoration renderings) with some elements such as solid wood, Roman columns, etc. (American decoration renderings) The same is true of old-fashioned, and the details of the American-style old work in the true sense are extremely sophisticated. In fact, most of them are useful in assembling all kinds of solid wood raw materials from the upstream. OK, European-style solid wood custom products are released, American-style old is simpler, upstream manufacturers can make a lot of preparations. "Develop" the brand of American products to choose.

Flicker point four: E0 super E0 formaldehyde free

As consumers pay more and more attention to environmental protection, in order to express their products is the most environmentally friendly, wardrobe manufacturers almost do all kinds of means, the highest level of formaldehyde-related environmental standards in China is only E1, but the major plate manufacturers and Custom furniture manufacturers have launched E0 grade, super E0 grade products, and even introduced formaldehyde-free products. In fact, it is possible that the product content of these plate manufacturers is far lower than the E1 standard. In fact, it has reached the European E0 standard, but formaldehyde-free is basically non-existent, because as long as the plate uses glue or raw materials. With the process steps of formaldehyde, it is impossible to avoid the absence of formaldehyde in the board. Even if the original wood has a trace amount or a very small amount of formaldehyde, some formaldehyde-free products can be called "formaldehyde release". ", that is, the plate contains formaldehyde, but does not release.

Fudge point five: international brand Guangdong production

The quality of Chinese-made products is not favored by consumers. This is also reflected in the wardrobe industry. Therefore, many wardrobe brands will describe themselves as international brands in the early stage of business, exaggerating even the wardrobe suppliers designated by a certain country. After the "Da Vinci" incident, this trend has been curbed, but consumers in some parts of the mainland will turn to the nameplate "Guangdong production". It seems that Guangdong produces better than the mainland. The fact is that most of the wardrobe brands in China are local Chinese brands. From the perspective of production and production, Guangdong does have certain advantages, but this advantage is not too obvious, because it is equipment or raw materials, or In all aspects of crafts, wardrobe products will not be different due to geographical origin.

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