Comprehensive analysis of the common cable intelligent broadcasting system

1. Broadcasting demand for tourist attractions Huangshan is the only mountain scenic spot among the top ten scenic spots in China. The scenic peaks in the scenic area stand up to 36 large peaks and 36 small peaks. Among them, the three main peaks of Lotus Peak, Tiandu Peak and Guangmingding Peak. Strange rocks, clouds, hot springs, and winter snow are famous for their "five musts". They are on the mysterious 30-degree north latitude line with the Egyptian pyramids and the Bermuda delta. Its Yuping Scenic Area, Baiyun Scenic Area, Beihai Scenic Area, Songgu Scenic Area, Valley Scenic Area, Hot Spring Scenic Area, Fantasy Scenic Area all have charm, the majestic Mount Tai, the steep Huashan Mountain, the coolness of Emei, the waterfall of Kuanglu, the rock of Yandang, the Hengshan Yanyun and Huangshan are both.
Huangshan is also known as "Natural Zoo and World Botanical Garden". Huangshan has a pleasant climate and is a unique summer resort. People who did not go to Huangshan yearned for Huangshan, and those who went to Huangshan missed Huangshan even more. It will make you happy and come back with satisfaction. The scenery of Huangshan varies from season to season, and it changes in the morning and evening, and it changes rapidly. The sunrise, evening glow, clouds, Buddha light, and mist of Huangshan are all interesting in the seasonal landscape. It is a fairyland on earth. Huangshan has such strange, steep, strange, beautiful, and different characteristics. Natural visitors are like weavers, and those who look forward to it are rushing.
In order to create a harmonious artistic conception for tourists, making the natural charm of the scenic area more prominent, and giving tourists a more relaxed and happy feeling, the scenic area decided to build a tourist scenic spot broadcast, play different music in different scenic spots, and use different music to haunt different The charm of the scenic spots creates a three-dimensional scenic spot of sound and picture, and digs deeper and increases the appeal of the natural charm of the scenic spot. The current scenic spot proposes the following construction requirements:
According to Yuping scenic spot, Baiyun scenic spot, Beihai scenic spot, Songgu scenic spot, valley scenic spot, hot spring scenic spot, fantasy scenic spot and other scenic spots, the tourist scenic spots are divided into ten playing areas, each of which can play music suitable for individual views to achieve natural music. blend;
The scenic spot broadcasting system can set the play schedule at any time / manually according to the needs of the scenic spot, and it can automatically play, and can be unmanned to play;
The tourist scenic area broadcasting system system should have the function of collecting the programs of various scenic spots, so that activities held in a certain scenic spot and live music can be transmitted back to the main control room, and the entire scenic spot can be broadcast;
The tourist scenic area broadcasting system should have an emergency broadcasting function. In case of emergency or natural disaster, information such as finding people and finding objects, emergency evacuation, etc. can be broadcast to the scenic spots individually or in a unified manner as needed.
The tourism scenic spot broadcasting system can be managed outside the broadcasting room, and it is required to be able to set up sub-control broadcasting in the scenic spot management office, guard room, security section, publicity section, etc. Each department can perform single-point or unified broadcasting as needed to facilitate the management of tourist scenic spots ;
The scenic spot broadcasting should support the audio-on-demand function, hold events or have leaders come to it for reference, and can play on-demand audio stored in the audio server, attractions music, etc. for interactive playback.
2. Broadcasting Design of Tourist Scenic Spots Traditional broadcasting generally uses audio or frequency modulation. Audio broadcasting is affected by factors such as voltage, power, impedance, etc. The transmission distance is short, the frequency is low, it is easy to be interfered, and the system scalability is poor. FM broadcast introduces noise into the modulation and demodulation, aging equipment, frequency offset will also cause signal distortion. Controllable intelligent broadcasting based on audio and FM transmission is limited by the transmission method, and can only be controlled by partitioning and grouping. The lack of independent program sources has caused broadcast terminals to fail to meet personalized application requirements. Network broadcasting can be constructed based on the existing LAN / WAN network, without separate wiring during installation. Based on the IP network program transmission, each broadcast point can have its own independent broadcast program, and can perform any two-way call broadcast to any broadcast point or all broadcast points, which provides the feasibility for the broadcast to introduce the scenic spot network digital broadcast system.
IP digital network broadcasting is based on TCP / IP protocol transmission, using ADSL, LAN, WAN, INTERNET and other networks, audio and control signals are all digitally encoded, without transmission space restrictions, transmission distance restrictions, all digital bidirectional Network transmission system. The digital network broadcasting system is fully integrated with the local area network in physical structure, which provides convenience for sharing Internet resources, conforms to the development trend of networked technology and remote access, and enriches the application of the expansion of local area networks and wide area networks. The most forward-looking, practical and scientific next-generation broadcasting system is the best solution for the construction of tourist attractions broadcasting.
2.1 The design basis of tourist area broadcasting "Measurement method of basic characteristics of mixer" GB9003
"Electrical and Electronic Products Basic Environmental Testing Rules" GB2421 / 22 / 23.1 / 23.2
"Safety requirements for household and similar general-purpose electronics and related equipment powered by grid power" GB8898-88
"Teaching Communication Grounding Design Code" GBJ-79-85
"Code for Industrial Enterprise Communication Design" GBJ42-81
"Using building metal body for lightning protection and grounding device installation" 86SD566
"Measurement method of hall sound reinforcement characteristics" GB4959
"Calculation Method of Language Clarity Index" GB / T15485,
"Measurement Method of Audio Amplifier" GB9001-88
"Microphone Measurement Method" GB9401-88
"Measurement Method of Tape Recorder" GB20181-85
"Radio Related Parameters and Measurement Methods" GB4878-85
"Measurement Methods of Microphone Main Performance" GB9396-88
"Safety of Information Equipment and Safety of Electrical Equipment" GB4943-95
"Electronic Equipment Lightning Protection Law" GB7450-87
"Safety of Electrical Equipment" GB10292-88
"Public broadcasting project cost budget preparation method"
2.2 Design Principles of Tourist Area Broadcasting Design of the tourist area broadcasting system engineering plan follows the principles of advanced technology, complete functions, stable performance and cost saving. And comprehensively consider the construction, maintenance and operation factors, and will leave room for expansion for future development, expansion, transformation and other factors. The design content of this system is systematic, complete and comprehensive; the design scheme is scientific, reasonable and operable. It has the following principles:
2.2.1 Advancement and applicability The technical performance and quality indicators of the system should reach the international advanced level; at the same time, the system installation and debugging, software programming and operation should be simple and easy to master, suitable for China's national conditions and the characteristics of this project . The system integrates many advanced technologies in the world, embodies the latest development level of current computer control technology and computer network technology, and adapts to the requirements of the development of the times. At the same time, the system is a system for various management levels. Its function configuration is based on the principle of providing users with comfort, safety, convenience, and speed, and its operation should be simple and easy to learn.
2.2.2 Economics and practicality Fully consider the actual needs of users and the development trend of information technology. According to the user's site environment, design and select functions and system configuration schemes that are suitable for the site and meet the user's requirements. Through strict and organic combination, the best can be achieved Performance-price ratio, in order to save engineering investment, and at the same time to ensure the demand for the implementation of system functions, economical and practical.
2.2.3 Reliability and security The design of the system should have high reliability. After the system failure or accident causes interruption, it can ensure the accuracy, completeness and consistency of the data, and has the function of rapid recovery. At the same time, the system It has a complete set of system management strategies to ensure the safety of the system.
2.2.4 Maturity and openness Designed with existing mature products as the object, and also taking into account the current status of the surrounding information communication environment and technological development trends, reserved audio and video, graphic information transmission channels, with RJ-45 network The communication port can realize remote control.
2.2.5 Expansion and scalability The system design takes into account the needs of future technology development and use, with the possibility of updating, expanding and upgrading. And expand the system functions according to the actual requirements of the project in the future, and at the same time, the plan has redundancy in the design to meet the future development requirements.
2.2.6 Pursue the most optimized system equipment configuration Under the premise of satisfying the user's requirements on functions, quality, performance, price and service, pursue the most optimized system equipment configuration to minimize the system cost.
2.2.7 Reserve enough expansion capacity The control capacity of the engineering equipment is reserved to allow for the transformation of new control points in the system; the system also retains the interface with other computers or automation systems; also try to consider the future scientific Development and application of new technologies.
2.3 The design goals of the tourist scenic area broadcasting 2.4 The front-end design of the tourist broadcasting consists of DVD / VCD, deck, digital tuner, broadcast microphone, and network audio server. The headquarters broadcasts multiple program sources, and the digital programs broadcast through the existing TCP / IP (including LAN , WAN, INTERNET) network transmission to supermarkets or other subordinate units, DVD / VCD, deck and digital tuner can be set by the system timer to set the timer switch to play, the network audio server built-in automatic playback engine, according to the preset time playlist Automatically point, group or broadcast programs to supermarkets or other subordinate units. The headquarters broadcasting station can perform paging broadcast to any supermarket or other subordinate units. The network audio server can receive broadcast on demand from supermarkets or other subordinate units, and provide stored audio playback.
The network audio server can automatically manage the switch of the broadcasting equipment of supermarkets or other subordinate units through the timer playing engine.
Enterprise CEO, operation manager or other management organizations, each set up a sub-control network broadcast server, one broadcast microphone, can be anywhere in the TCP / IP network, remotely broadcast to supermarkets or other subordinate units, and can be conducted with the headquarters Two-way voice intercom.
2.5 Design of Tourism Broadcast Transmission
2.6 Design of travel broadcasting terminal Supermarket or other subordinate units are equipped with 1 network on-demand preamplifier, N pure post-stage power amplifiers, N ceiling / wall-mounted speakers, 1 set of broadcast microphone and supporting broadcasting equipment, which can automatically receive headquarters broadcast stations, The sub-control broadcasting station broadcasts, and can call the two-way broadcast with the headquarters radio station, the sub-control broadcasting station and the supermarket or other subordinate units, and can order the audio program of the network audio server, and can independently broadcast the supermarket or other subordinate units.
3. Broadcasting function of tourist attractions 3.1 Unified broadcasting: The highway broadcasting station can broadcast all toll stations, service areas and tunnel broadcasting points.
3.2 Group broadcasting: Expressway broadcasting stations can arbitrarily combine broadcasting points of toll stations, service areas and tunnels, and regularly broadcast the broadcasting programs in groups or single points.
3.3 Interactive broadcasting: Each toll station, service area and tunnel broadcasting point can order the audio program of the network audio server.
3.4 Emergency broadcasting: In case of emergency, the broadcasting station and each broadcasting point can perform emergency broadcasting to notify other or all broadcasting points.
3.5 Music broadcasting: Expressway broadcasting stations can regularly play background music to reduce the work pressure of staff.
3.6 Multi-channel broadcasting: with multi-channel broadcasting function, toll stations, service areas and tunnel broadcasting points can listen to different content broadcasts at the same time.
3.7 Automatic broadcast: The network audio software can set up a scheduled playlist, the audio is automatically broadcast at a fixed time, and each broadcast point playback device automatically switches according to the timing.
3.8 Any call: A sub-control broadcasting station can be set up, and the broadcasting station and the sub-control broadcasting station can broadcast any call to the broadcasting point.
3.9 Two-way intercom: Each broadcasting point can carry out two-way voice intercom with broadcasting stations, sub-control broadcasting stations or other broadcasting points.
4. Broadcasting characteristics of scenic spots 4.1 Transmission digitalization: The scenic spots broadcast adopts a unique CD-quality data file format, and uses the TCP / IP protocol to convert the broadcast microphone, deck, radio head, audio network server and sub-control host audio in digital format It is transmitted to each network broadcast receiving terminal. This full digital transmission method avoids the attenuation of audio signals and the addition of noise, ensuring high-fidelity audio playback.
4.2 Terminal personalization: The broadcast of tourist scenic spots is based on WAN, LAN or INTERNET. Each network broadcast terminal can have a unique independent IP address in the network to which it can play different music at the same time. The maximum number of programs can be reached In 255, it fully meets the needs of tourist attractions broadcasting.
4.3 Front-end Networking: The digital network management broadcast extends the front-end audio source to the entire network, and the scheduled broadcast of programs can be operated remotely through the network. Networked management can also set different permissions for different users.
4.4 Play automation: Digital network management broadcasting can realize automatic play, and specify the play time for each program, the server will automatically play, and the play content and target range can be arbitrarily specified.
4.5 User-friendly operation: IP broadcast provides a user-friendly graphical menu interface and user-friendly operation, which is easy and convenient, specific and practical, and improves the efficiency of use.
4.6 Application intelligence: IP broadcast has many intelligent designs, which can realize voice functions such as recording, variable speed, and list loop playback during the broadcast process; it can also achieve timing settings and automatic broadcast playback; and can be remotely scheduled, maintained, and managed .
4.7 Simplification of the project: The digital network management broadcast project is simple. For each IP broadcast point with a local area network, you only need to increase the installation of the network broadcast adapter. If you do n’t build a network, the amount of data network engineering is relatively simple, just laying The network cable is sufficient. Once constructed, the broadcasting system and the computer network system can be shared to reduce the repeated construction of multiple networks.
4.8 System zero maintenance: The digital network management broadcast is physically shared with the network, so no additional maintenance work is added to the network maintenance. In terms of application, the system can be set up to separate the network segment from the computer system, and the embedded system program of each network broadcast adapter is solidified and will not be infected by viruses. The system is stable and reliable, and there is basically no maintenance work.
V. Principles of Broadcasting in Tourist Scenic Spots 5.1 Principles of Broadcasting in Tourist Scenic Spots The broadcasting system of tourist scenic spots adopts a fully digital audio processing scheme. The transmission system is based on Ethernet and cooperates with TCP / IP protocol to ensure the system has good stability and scalability. The system uses a fully digital processing method to realize the lossless transmission of data, so that the problems of distortion and noise during the transmission process have been completely resolved. With the rapid development of the network today, the transmission distance of the network two-way digital broadcasting system system can be very flexible to add network sub-control and network broadcasting terminals, which has a very broad expansion.
5.2 Principles of Broadcasting in Tourist Scenic Spots Six, Broadcasting Configuration of Tourist Scenic Spots Seven, Other Solutions for Broadcasting of Tourist Scenic Spots

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