Beer liner liners come in the United States

The United States has invented a new type of inner liner for beer caps. The distinguishing feature is that the beer bottle can be automatically deflated when the internal pressure of the beer bottle is close to the extreme pressure of the beer bottle. This inner liner not only exhibits excellent sealing under moderate pressure (about 5×150 Pa), so as to ensure that the beer, which is extremely sensitive to the smell, will not be infiltrated by environmental pollutants (such as 0,). As a result, the deterioration of the beer will not be affected by the leakage of the cO1 in the bottle. From the perspective of food safety, this new type of inner liner prevents the beer from exposing for a long time due to the automatic deflating function when the inner pressure of the beer bottle is close to the ultimate pressure that the bottle can withstand (about 12×105 Pa). The danger of breaking or exploding a bottle caused by the high pressure automatically generated in the bottle under high temperature or sunlight.

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Baby Mat

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