At this stage, the development of China's folding machine enterprises is difficult.

[ppzhan Abstract] China's folding machine companies have occupied half of the market through continuous learning and strategic planning. However, in the course of development, enterprises still highlight several fatal problems. If they are not adequately addressed and handled improperly, they will Seriously affect the development and progress of the enterprise.

At the current stage of low technology and technology, cemented carbide folding machine has occupied the dominant position of the type of folding machine in developed countries, with a proportion of up to 70%. The high-speed steel folding machine is shrinking at a rate of 1% to 2% per year, and the proportion has now fallen below 30%. At the same time, the cemented carbide cutting and folding machine has become the main folding machine required by processing enterprises in China, and is widely used in heavy industry such as automobile and parts production, mold manufacturing, aerospace and other industries, but China's folding machine enterprises But blindly and mass-produced high-speed steel knives and some low-grade standard folding machines, without considering the market saturation and business needs, and finally the high-value-added, high-tech medium folding machine market "hands over" To foreign companies. According to statistics, the current annual sales of China's folding machine is about 14.5 billion yuan, of which the proportion of cemented carbide folding machine is less than 25%, but the cemented carbide folding machine needed for domestic manufacturing has occupied a discount. More than 50% of the edge machine, this blind production has seriously failed to meet the growing demand of the domestic manufacturing industry for the cemented carbide folding machine, thus forming a vacuum state in the middle market, which is finally occupied by foreign companies.

The added value of the product is low. Of the 16,500 tons of cemented carbide produced in China, 4,500 tons are used in the production of cutting and folding machines, which is equivalent in quantity to Japan. However, the value of the folding machine is only 800 million US dollars, far less than Japan's 2.5 billion US dollars. This fully shows that the overall production level of domestic cemented carbide folding machine is still quite different from that of foreign countries. Therefore, under the premise that domestic enterprises cannot meet market demand, the demand for manufacturing industry has to rely on a large number of imports to solve. According to statistics, the annual growth rate of major foreign merchants in the Chinese mid-edge folding machine market has reached 30%, which has exceeded the average annual growth rate of domestic folding machines.

Services and international non-aligned multinational companies, such as Germany's Xiongke, Japan's Jiejie, Denmark's Unimog and other folding machine manufacturers, have accumulated rich production experience in the long history of development, which also determines its services The form is no longer a “single hammer sale”, but goes beyond the primary sales stage that is only provided to the customer's folding machine. According to the problem of the folding machine that the customer encounters in the production process, the solution is proposed in time. The form of integrating sales into the production process of enterprises has become the usual sales method for foreign companies. This is why the products produced by well-known folding machine companies are expensive and have a market. Some Chinese companies cannot win customers because they have a large amount of bread. One of the reasons for the favor.

The era of enterprise informationization is the era of network and informationization. The level of enterprise informationization will become an important indicator to measure the level of enterprise modernization. Networking and informationization can not only improve corporate office efficiency, save office expenses, speed up response, but also provide market information, assist enterprise judgment, and build corporate brands.

At the same time, whether to value and know how to use the media to promote themselves is also one of the phenomena of the differentiation of Chinese and foreign folding machine companies. Every time before or during major exhibitions, some internationally renowned companies will use industry media to promote their corporate brands or new products. The person in charge of the company will accept and attach great importance to the interviews of media reporters. Chinese companies may be reluctant to accept media interviews and reports because they are "shy" or have scruples. They have missed the "free" opportunity to promote products and companies.

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