Analysis on the current situation of domestic dairy packaging equipment market

After a second extension and a history of more than four months, the large-scale dairy industry reorganization and dairy product production license re-audit, until March 31, 2011 has been terminated and adjusted. According to the results of the review, the author has learned that there are 1,176 enterprises that have accepted the application for reapproval of production licenses nationwide, only 643 have been approved, and the pass rate is still insufficient, and another 107 are still in the process of rectification and rectification. 426 were not approved.

For such a result, many people will be surprised. In fact, not only are there accidents, but also those manufacturers of dairy packaging equipment, because this affects the sales of dairy packaging equipment products to a certain extent, the changes in the domestic market. What is the impact on equipment manufacturers? In the face of market variables, how should equipment manufacturers respond?

What is the impact of the milk enterprise replacement packaging equipment manufacturers?

In recent years, with the rapid development of China's dairy industry, the competition of various dairy processing manufacturers has also intensified, which has led to the development of the related processing and packaging machinery industry.

As we all know, the prices of foreign equipment are generally more expensive, and enterprises are pinning their hopes on domestically produced dairy processing and packaging machinery that is relatively cheap. At present, domestic dairy packaging processing machinery has formed a relatively complete product system in terms of common technology and conventional equipment, but it is still unsatisfactory in key equipment and key technologies.

The “recertification” of the dairy production enterprise can be said to be an opportunity for the domestic dairy packaging equipment manufacturers, and it can be said to be a challenge.

In the interview, the author found that for some large packaging equipment manufacturers in China, the “recertification” of the dairy enterprise can be described as a big opportunity. Large enterprises have their own technology research and development teams, have their own core technology, product positioning, and mostly export-oriented. The “recertification” of the dairy industry has mostly eliminated small and medium-sized dairy products processing enterprises. For some large-scale dairy processing enterprises, not only have they not been eliminated, but they have increased their production capacity and rushed to the ground. The eliminated enterprises will in turn purchase some equipment, which should be a good news for those large dairy packaging equipment manufacturers.

But for some small and medium-sized packaging equipment manufacturers, it is a huge challenge. Small and medium-sized enterprises are positioned in the middle and low-end, mostly domestic sales. The “big reshuffle” of the dairy industry has resulted in the closure or merger of a large number of dairy processing enterprises. The impact is the sales of some dairy packaging equipment. Reduced, even slow sales. The reduction of corporate orders and the reduction of product market share will inevitably affect the development of enterprises. How should enterprises respond? It should be a problem that has to be solved before the decision-making level.

However, some companies feel that the “replacement” of the dairy industry is not very influential, because this type of enterprise has a wide range of products, and dairy packaging equipment is only a small part of the business, although the market has changed, but Most of its products did not show a decline in sales or slow sales. The market share of the products determines the development of the company. In the face of market variables, the orders are not reduced, and the company will continue to develop steadily.

How do companies respond? Transformation? Increase research and development and expand product lines?

The dairy industry has “renewed the certificate” and some people are happy about it. In fact, the author thinks that for some changes in the market, a sensitive company should be able to "sniff" something in advance.

The survival of enterprises is a topic that can never be forgotten. Under the "jungle" rule of the jungle, the weak and the weak can only be swallowed by those strong forest "beasts".

But whether it is the process of biological evolution or the development of human society tells us an unchanging truth: what is left behind is not strong, but suitable. As a result, the dinosaurs in the forest disappeared, and the petite monkeys have proliferated to this day. Similarly, today's small and medium-sized enterprises are also seeking ways to survive and develop in the “ten ambush” of large enterprises.

Dairy companies “replace certificates”, a large number of enterprises have closed down or have chosen to switch. To a certain extent, they have had a greater impact on some small and medium-sized dairy packaging equipment manufacturers. Faced with a decrease in market share and a reduction in orders, will enterprises wait and see? will not. Don't sit still, what can you do to relieve your eyebrows?

Perhaps it is a good choice to increase R&D strength, increase R&D strength, improve its own technical level, ensure the quality of products, and win the favor of more large dairy processing and production enterprises, and enter the enterprise to become bigger and stronger. Increase the research and development strength, for a large and medium-sized enterprises, there may be hope, there is still time to do this "time-consuming" investment, but for a small enterprise, increase research and development strength, spend the immediate "difficulty" "It's easy to talk about."

Perhaps increasing marketing efforts is a good choice to increase your visibility in the market, let more “buyers” understand themselves, expand the influence of their products, increase orders, and expand market share. The market is a big market. It is a good way to increase marketing efforts to survive in the market, but a single marketing method is no longer suitable for today's market. The network is an irresistible trend. Choosing to trade on the Internet and adopting online and offline communication may be a new market profit point for enterprises.

Perhaps expanding the product line is a good choice. "Don't put the eggs in a vegetable basket." This is a famous saying. Many people can remember it. If it can be applied to the actual situation, I think that the business risk will be A lot less, but it also brings an increase in business operating costs. However, from a long-term perspective, it is a must-have for companies to grow and expand, increase the variety of products, expand the range of products to adapt, and improve the competitiveness of products.

Perhaps enterprise transformation is a good choice. Small businesses are flexible in operation, and the product categories are not very rich. It is easy to find their own position in the market. Nowadays, for small enterprises, dairy packaging equipment is not easy to do, and it is transformed into beverages or other packaging equipment, or simply withdraw from this line and switch to another. Of course, these are the next best policy, and companies will only choose to transform when they are on the road. This "recertification" of the dairy industry is a big blow to some SMEs, but it is not necessarily "fatal". Enterprises have found their own position in the market, and they still have a way to live. Can adapt to the "law of the jungle", can withstand the test of the market, such a company is the real enterprise.

The author's rumor: Enhancing the level of technology can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises. In the context of the booming development of China's dairy industry, in the various debates surrounding milk sources and markets and industries, people have neglected the industry of packaging and processing machinery technology. The development of an indispensable part of the chain.

At present, there are some contradictions in the development of China's dairy packaging machinery industry. The contradiction between the low level of primary products and the high safety requirements of end products is a high-priority food, which must be guaranteed during processing and packaging. Various microbiological indicators meet food safety requirements. There is a big gap between the microbial indicators of fresh milk in China and the indicators of developed countries.

Only by improving the consistency and continuity of equipment health and safety can we deal with the original technological changes of this raw material. The contradiction between the special requirements of the industry and the lack of compound technical talents In the dairy processing and packaging equipment, UHT and aseptic technology are located at a higher technical level, which is a comprehensive result of related technical disciplines, and also a key technology and equipment that needs to be broken in China.

The dairy processing and packaging equipment industry is an industry with special requirements. From a technical perspective, manufacturers should have comprehensive biochemical pharmaceutical equipment manufacturing technology, experience of dairy processing technicians, the ability of automated integration technology and comprehensive quality control methods. Quality.

However, the capital composition of the whole industry is relatively simple, the pattern is relatively scattered, the enterprises are mutually blocked, the technology is monopolized, and the phenomenon of closed doors is more serious. At the technical level, most of them are low-level common conventional equipment production, high-quality talents are extremely scarce, and manufacturers with independent innovation and research and development capabilities. The macro guidance of the industry belongs to many industry associations. The government has formed a “three no industry” with no clear macro orientation, no development support policy, and no technical supervision, which seriously restricts the improvement of the overall technical level. Lagging behind the development of the dairy industry.

The author believes that under the premise of retaining their core competitiveness, enterprises should have necessary exchanges, on the one hand, increase the urgency of enterprises, and force themselves to make rapid progress in market competition; on the other hand, exchanges between enterprises, mutual Learning good technology and making progress together can promote the development of the entire industry.

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