5.1 (I want) happiness to knock on the door, the house is easy to set up with home action

In the second quarter of 2011 , we defined it as the “Happy Season”, which lasted from April to June , and the theme of the entire quarter was centered around “Happiness”.

   What is happiness? Happiness is the warmth of home and family

   Happiness is a place where parents can live comfortably and warmly.   【 May 8 Mother's Day, June 19 Father's Day

   Happiness is a custom wedding room for lover   [ May , Marriage Month]

   Happiness is the ability to prepare a space for a healthy baby. June 1 】

Happiness is all the way, accompanied by all the way.

First, 51 promotion theme: 5.1 (I want) happiness to knock on the door

               Shangpin home with easy home action

Second, the event location: the national specialty store , Xianghe International Furniture City Convention and Exhibition Center

Third, the specific content of the event:

April 23 - May 8

Happiness messenger to knock on your door (specific offers are as follows)

1, where the order is still product delivery Cabinets full-price 10,000 Less 2000 yuan during the event (special, hardware, appliances, countertops does not participate) Where to order during the event still product delivery Cabinets full-price 20,000 Less 5000 yuan (special, hardware, appliances, countertops does not participate) During the event where the order is still product delivery-price Cabinets over 30,000 Less 9000 yuan (special, hardware, appliances, countertops does not participate)
2. During the event, 5 home delivery products were launched for special sales:
    Product: Computer Chair HSFL-C348 , original price: 715 yuan,               Factory direct train special price: 480 yuan
   Product: Bed XBA-B008-1800-B+XBA-A012-1800-B Original price: 5220 yuan, factory through train special price: 3500 yuan
   Product : Coffee table XCD-007-B , original price: 838 yuan,                   Factory direct train special price: 560 yuan   Product: Sofa HSHB-T020A , original price: 4060 yuan,                 Factory direct train special price: 2800 yuan
Product: Desk, XPB1-118-B , original price: 1280 yuan,                Factory direct train special price: 818 yuan ,
folded over the amount after 10,000 gift coupons worth 100 yuan a discount over the amount of 20,000 gift coupons worth 100 yuan after two fold over the amount 30,000 gift coupons worth 100 yuan three (This coupon cannot be used in the current sales. The coupon cannot be used for consumption less than 3,000 yuan. This coupon is for the second time of the customer or the old customer introduces the new customer.)
4, the golden flower splashes, happy home: After turning over the amount of 10,000 will receive gifts. (Gift : 3 sets of travel cutlery , or a notebook cooler.)
5, the signing is reasonable: On the day of the event, sign the letter of intent for the order and pay a deposit of no less than 1,000 yuan. When signing the order, it will be exempted from 200 yuan. Fill in the scale application form on site, and exempt 100 yuan from the time of signing.

The One Happy Wedding Room Only 8999 yuan


         The One happy marriage room package six sets Only 8999 yuan   Original price: 12782 yuan

Overall wardrobe ¥ 7948   1800~ 2100 mm (w)   2650~ 2820mm (h)

bed frame   ¥ 2110   1570*2081*369    Bedside table ¥ 513   500*370*410    Bed screen ¥ 637   1600*74*857

Dressing table (with makeup mirror) ¥ 1139    680*418* 765        Dressing stool ¥ 355    500*350*450

Shangpin Home with Xianghe Store has the final interpretation right for this event.                     
Guangzhou Shangpin Home Furnishings Co., Ltd.

Tent is the most common way, because it is easy to erect, can be rainproof, reusable, and can be erected to any place, and windproof, sunscreen, there is enough space for climbers to place equipment. For the first time to enter the outdoor friends, we should first understand the types of tents, what kind of tents suitable for our current travel routes.

One Room Tent is much ordineary tent.


Direction for use:

Different kinds of tents are different. First of all, the method of setting up ordinary tent is introduced.

First select the camp, the tent in the account flat to the ground (usually in the account, but there are also put up in the tent to drill into the inside hanging in the account, such as Eurohike, the principle is to put the curtain rods), folded curtain rod is taken out, a steadily (General there are 7 sections) connected into a straight, long rod, follow the instructions on that wear into the tent pole sleeve, a common tent is cross method.

After the two rods are worn. Each bar head inserted into the holes in the corner of the tent, and then two people at the same time and activities of the two heads, the bar to the top, let the tent arch up, until the side of the head is inserted into the holes, inserted into the tent, the shape became the rope. With the intersection of curtain rod, choose the direction of the door, can put the tent to the ground. In the four corners of the nail hook ring is inserted into the earth, let the net bottom out, the whole tent was. Hang outside the account, the account open, Mongolia, account, put the tent. 

One Room Tent

One Room Tent

One Room Tent,One Single Room Tent,Luxury One Room Tent,Single Layer One Room Tent

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