4 simple style LED ceiling lights with simple design to enhance taste

4 models simple LED ceiling recommended recommended brand name product characteristics Op Op Crystal City Crystal LED Ceiling dazzling sense of minimalist style romantic LED Ceiling Op Op beautiful minimalist style romantic sense of the swirling wind Op Op LED ceiling refined sense of simplicity Op Op Maya minimalist style minimalist sense of quality LED Ceiling minimalist style

Recommendation one: the dazzling and simple style Op crystal city LED crystal ceiling light

Op crystal city LED crystal ceiling lamp renderings

Recommended reason: Op Crystal City LED ceiling light is a classic lamp that perfectly combines traditional fluorescent lamps and LEDs. The appearance adopts a minimalist square shape, surrounded by crystal prism acrylic trims, which can refract the light and present a beautiful colorful effect. The main lamp is super Thin lamp body, bright white light effect, crystal effect is more pure and moving, very suitable for simple style living room use.

Op crystal crystal LED ceiling lamp product parameters

Recommendation two: romantic and simple style Opple beautiful LED romantic ceiling light

Opple beautiful LED romantic ceiling light renderings

Recommended reason: Opple beautiful LED ceiling lamp has exquisite shape, classic moon shape is simple and elegant, the unique silk screen light pattern of the border is simple and elegant, giving a pleasant and romantic visual experience. The main lampshade is made of high-impact acrylic material with extremely light effect Good, and durable at the same time, it is said that it will not turn yellow and become brittle after 12 years of use. The soft light and round shape are more suitable for the bedroom.

Opple beautiful LED romantic ceiling lamp product parameters

Recommendation Three: Exquisite and simple style Op wind vortex LED simple ceiling light

The effect picture of the simple ceiling lamp

Recommended reason: Opal's Vortex LED ceiling lamp has a round and lovely shape, and the white imported high impact acrylic mask is pure and crystal, which can achieve uniform light transmission to the LED light source, and the visual experience is excellent; the delicate silver pattern decoration in the center of the lamp shade is beautiful Without losing the sense of art, hanging on the roof is a decoration of the top floor space. The elegant patterns are not out of the ordinary, especially suitable for the use of simple style living rooms.

Product parameters of Oppo's Vortex LED Simple Ceiling Lamp

Recommendation four: the simple style of quality Oppu Maya LED simple ceiling light

Op Maya LED simple ceiling lamp renderings

Recommended reason: Opmay Maya LED ceiling light also has a round outline. The design focus is on the outer frame. The two hollow effect patterns are symmetrically decorated. The clean silver also reflects the pure white acrylic lampshade, giving people more exquisiteness. The quality of this LED lampshade is also imported high-impact acrylic. The light is even and soft after the lamp is turned on, creating a more pleasant home atmosphere.

OPMA Maya LED Simple Ceiling Lamp Product Parameters

Editor's summary: The overall style of a home, the details can not be ignored, this article recommends LED lights suitable for simple style decoration, the price is about a thousand, the price is not bad! In addition, the recommended products are all Op lighting products, the brand is large, and the quality can be assured!

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