FBM216,. FBM216. Redundant 8-channel 0-20MA/HART commun…

For details, please visit my store home page http://xrd0196.pack.cn Contact: Zheng Gong -0196 Contact QQ Main: world famous brand PLC, DCS system spare parts module 〖1〗 Allen-Bradley (USA AB) series products》 〖2.〗 Schneider (Schneider Electric Series) 〖 ......Reading more

The cause and prevention of valve stem failure

Valve http:// reason stem lifting failure: 1 over-tightens the thread; 2 lack of lubrication or lubricant failure; 3 valve stem bending and twisting; 4 The surface finish is not enough; 5 Incorrect tolerance of fit, too tight bite; 6 stem nut tilt; 7 improper material selection, such as ste ......Reading more

Autumn and winter fitness can raise lungs

   In the autumn and winter seasons, exercise can not only nourish the lungs, improve the function of the lung organs, but also enhance the immune function of various tissues and organs and the body's ability to resist external cold stimuli. However, due to the large ......Reading more

Identifying the development of industries that are rest…

[ppzhan Abstract] In recent years, the packaging industry has developed rapidly. As part of this, the label industry has also ushered in business opportunities for development. More than 20,000 companies, nearly 100,000 employees, with an annual output value of nearly 10 billion, but the vast major ......Reading more

Function introduction of salt spray test box components

This section describes the functions and functions of each component of the salt spray test chamber, which is convenient for users to understand the overall structure of the equipment and the functions of each component. Box cover: Generally, the box cover is made of transparent PP material to ma ......Reading more

Advantages and purchase knowledge of solid wood crib

It is best for infants and toddlers to have a crib to ensure the safety of the baby. The crib is made of a wooden bed, because the human spine has three physiological curvatures, namely neck curvature, chest curvature and waist curvature. These curvatures are also gradually formed while the various ......Reading more

Pedal shears features and use

Pedal shears product description: Pedal shears are beautiful in appearance and novel in structure. They use sliding guide rails. The stepping springs are fixed by sliding fulcrum, reducing their operating force by two-thirds. Some machine tools are equipped with pressure feeders, and the cutting ......Reading more