Starch Adhesive Raw Material Complementing and Making f…

The ratio of the raw materials and auxiliary materials used in the single-unit cold-strength, high-drying and fast-drying starch adhesives are based on the advantages of existing adhesives. The improved production process is simple, without heating, Four seasons influence, reaction time is short, ......Reading more

New member of POF shrink film: PEPR color film

According to reports, the export products manufactured by Hangzhou Wahaha Group adopt a color heat-shrinkable packaging film. This color film is a three-layer coextruded composite film - PEPR. This PEPR color film is a new member of the POF shrink film. The company began using POF heat-shrinkable ......Reading more

Seiko Epson's new printer prints beautiful skin wit…

Seiko Eppo announced a new product including a multi-function printer (multi-color printer), a multi-function printer, and a “colorio printer series” that integrate printing, copying, and scanning functions. The high-end model uses a newly developed image processing technology called ......Reading more

Bottle Cap Design - Spanish Style (14)

XXL Silicone Gloves description: XXL Silicone Gloves Keep Your Hands Cool and Avoid the Heat With High Grade XXL Silicone Gloves XXL silicone gloves Heat Resistant Up to 445 Degrees - Features a No Slip Grip So You Can Grab Hot Stuff With Confidence XXL sili ......Reading more

Processing methods for packing waste in developed count…

In recent years, increasing packaging waste has brought considerable pressure on environmental protection and has become a headache for governments. Some developed countries are under pressure from resource crises and the urgent need to prevent pollution. Have developed. “Green packaging.â ......Reading more

Beer liner liners come in the United States

The United States has invented a new type of inner liner for beer caps. The distinguishing feature is that the beer bottle can be automatically deflated when the internal pressure of the beer bottle is close to the extreme pressure of the beer bottle. This inner liner not only exhibits excellent s ......Reading more

Oral care product packaging for a new look

GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare's tear-off bottled mouthwash and 200ml of toothpaste under the Aquafresh and Macleans brands now use an innovative kit made by Sleever Intl. of the United Kingdom. Sleever uses its advanced printing and processing technology, using metal ink, so that the det ......Reading more