Making personal business cards

It is not difficult to make a business card that belongs to oneself. First of all, it is decided to put something (text, photos, images) in the small box of 9×5.5 cm, and then select the color that matches its own personality. In fact, it is too rich. Colors or images do not necessarily have g ......Reading more

Develop product packaging advertising features

Packaged in the product, in addition to the protection function, there is an advertising function. In the increasingly serious homogeneity of OTC products, we always hope that we can use a method to allow the same drugs to be presented to customers in a differentiated form. Undoubtedly, the eye-ca ......Reading more

Common terms in typesetting

1. High-profile: The brighter, brighter picture is of course brighter and whiter, and the Japanese separation style likes high-light spots without dots to elongate the picture level. 2. Low-key: Not a weak voice. It means that the picture is dark or dark. 3. Explosion: It is not a terrorist inci ......Reading more

Analysis of Causes of Deformation of Printing Iron Dots

The so-called dot distortion refers to the increase or decrease of dots, and when the dots are serious, they become square dots or shaped dots. Distortion of light dots at the outlets will distort the images and images, and cause images to be distorted, resulting in product obsolescence. There are ......Reading more

Valspar Fully Launches ValOR Resin to European Market

ValOR is a series of new barrier/deoxidizer resin products. ValOR bottles can extend the shelf life of beer, which can be used by brewers to use large-capacity plastic beer bottles. ValOR resins are proprietary polyesters and are less likely to delaminate than other barrier resins commonly used in ......Reading more

New carton clamping machine

CN2744648 The new carton gripper includes a rotatable bracket and a clamping mechanism that is mounted on the bracket and can be moved up and down. The clamping arm of the clamping mechanism is connected with a pneumatic cylinder controlled by a pneumatic control system. The new carton gripping m ......Reading more

Development of a New Ink Cleaning Agent

1 Introduction At present, most of the printing industry still uses solvent-based cleaning agents such as gasoline and kerosene for the cleaning of inks. Due to the high volatility of these solvents, there is a risk of flammability and explosion during storage and use, and the production environm ......Reading more