Solve the problems of corrugated cardboard

Nowadays, the requirements for the production quality of our carton factory are getting higher and higher, and the argument for the development of cardboard “lightweight” is a question that most colleagues in the carton factory are thinking about. The “lightweight” of cardb ......Reading more

Yucheng new era launched SGM-410 round press die cuttin…

At the beginning of the new year, Lucheng New Times Machinery Co., Ltd., a professional manufacturer of rotary die cutting machines, introduced the company's newly developed high-tech configuration high-end products: an upgraded version of the SGM-410 computer full automatic round molding die ......Reading more

Reasons and elimination of dirt on both sides of offset…

Dirty plates are divided into full-size large areas from dirty and local dirt, the reasons are many. The improper adjustment of the pressure of the water roller and the printing plate, the inappropriate ratio of the water roller and the ink, the proportion of the wetting liquid, the improper sprea ......Reading more

Resin gravure printing on curved surfaces and pad print…

General surfaces such as a toy's face, arcs project like a calculator keyboard, curved recesses such as dishes or plates, other round shapes such as golf balls, and so on. The best way to print is to use pad printing. However, most printing plates used in the past were copper plates or steel p ......Reading more

In-mold label features and printing technology

In Mould Label (IML) is a special label that uses a hot melt solid adhesive to bond with the surface of a plastic bottle when it is made into a bottle body, and is integrated with the bottle body in the mold. The most important feature of using plastic bottles with in-mold labels is that the label ......Reading more

Main technical requirements for plate making during scr…

The main technical requirements of screen printing for plate making are the following: 1 The photosensitive material should have good photosensitivity and high speed. 2 The photosensitive material should have good preservation. 3 Screen printing plates should have good workability and should be ......Reading more

Mainstream digital printing technology

In the era of rapid printing of short prints, digital printing technology has become more and more popular. However, the development of digital printing in our country has not been smooth and has encountered many obstacles during the period. Although digital printing has also gradually matured, it ......Reading more